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Modern Family Trivia: The Hardest Alex Dunphy Quiz

Hey everyone! Welcome to yet another exciting Modern Family and today we are going to talk about the most intelligent member of the Dunphy family—Alex Dunphy. The second daughter of Claire and Phil, Alex is the favorite child of her parents. There are a lot of exciting characteristics in Alex that make her a very interesting character. So without any further ado let’s take a deep dive into Alex’s character and then you must take up the hardest Alex Dunphy Quiz.

Alex is not only the most intelligent member of the Dunphy family but of the whole show. This is the most important part of her character. Alex is extremely well-read and excels in almost every field she sets her heart. This even makes people less comfortable around her and it is often mentioned on the show that she has a problem making friends at school. But despite being so successful in her school, she seems to yearn for her mother’s approval. And rejection breaks our girl. This is quite evident when she fails to get into Harvard after graduating.

Being a clever and smart person, Alex often comes out as sarcastic and condescending in most situations, which she does intentionally. However, rarely do people around her understand her sarcasm. So, we may say she has a bit of an attitude problem as she feels others are inferior to her, especially her siblings, Haley and Luke. Though this attitude could not be justified whatsoever, she is oftentimes hinted at by other characters to be the future leader of the Dunphy family.

Alex and her sibling, Haley and Luke have almost nothing in common in their personalities and thus they are often seen fighting with each other. Alex also plays pranks on her siblings to make fun of their being less intelligent. She is very competitive, a trait she gets from her mother. But Alex may not share an affectionate relationship with her siblings but she always has their back when they need her support. And Haley and Luke reciprocate the same love and support to her as well.

Alex is the odd one out of her family. Not only her siblings, but she also has nothing in common with anybody and that’s why she feels odd in most social situations. But she is the best child any parent can have. Claire and Phil don’t really care much about her as she manages herself really well. But they do worry about their other two children and also acknowledge Alex for being understanding and not being a mess. Other grown-ups like Jay and Gloria, also confide in her because she is way more understanding and mature than a common child of her age.

Alex may not be a quite complex character thus her character development is very subtle. Yet it’s interesting to see how a not-so-cool character is simply fascinating. So, that was Alex Dunphy from Modern Family. Now it’s time for you to take up the hardest Alex Dunphy quiz and do let us know your scores in the comments below.

The Hardest Alex Dunphy Quiz

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