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Modern Family Trivia: The Hardest Mitchell Pritchett Quiz

Hey everyone! Welcome to another super hard Modern Family quiz and today we are going to ask you the most difficult questions about our very own redhead—Mitchell Pritchett. But before you jump to the hardest Mitchell Pritchett quiz, let’s talk a little bit about the most important aspects of him which make Mitchell a memorable character in the series.

Just like any character of Modern Family, Michell Pritchett is a multi-layered character. As Modern Family is all about human relationships and their importance in life, Mitchell Pritchett specifically plays an important role in conveying the importance of accepting people as they are. As we got to know from the show’s pilot that Mitchell is gay, but it took a lot of time for Mitchell to convince his family to accept him as gay,  more specifically his father Jay. But as we say all’s well that ends well. Mitchell did make a good life for himself and found the most caring husband in Cameron.

Mitchell and Cameron are dating for quite some time in the pilot and they seem to be the perfect couple. But the thing is they are not. They are just like any ordinary couple who are a lot different from each other. But some things make them different from any ordinary couple. But the thing to learn from their relationship is that instead of fighting, they complement each other. Mitchell being serious and Cam being too emotional might have gone the wrong way, but they make things work for themselves.

Last but certainly not least, Mitchell’s most important part of his life is his kids. Since parenting is the main theme of Modern Family, Mitchell raising his kids throws light on the problems gay couples face while raising kids. Through the show, we see Mitchell transitioning into different phases as a parent.

He even becomes a stay-home dad, but sadly that doesn’t work for him. But even though he starts working, he always keeps his children as his priority. Mitchell’s concern for his children maybe comes from the fact that he did not get much attention from his dad. Thus, he doesn’t want to do the same to his kids. Whatever the cause might be, Mitchell is the perfect father figure a child could hope for.

So, that was Mitchell Pritchett from Modern Family. Now it’s time for you to show us how well you know the character by taking up the hardest Mitchell Pritchett quiz. Moreover, don’t forget to let us know your scores in the comment section. All the best!

The Hardest Mitchell Pritchett Quiz

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