10 Most Controversial Season Finales Of Popular TV Shows Ever

‘All is well that ends well’- this saying stands always and in every case, be it a phase of life or a favourite TV show. But good TV shows ending with bad season finales is the worst taste of betrayal and emptiness that a viewer can get.

Although being able to end up things on a good note is not always easy, but such bad endings have the potential to change the perspective of a viewer on the entire series or show. And even though we don’t have any other option than to move on with such endings, we can rank them for the most controversial season finales of popular TV shows ever.

Here is the list of 10 most controversial season finales. (Spoilers Alert)

10. True Blood

After the long run of seven seasons on HBO, the series finale of ‘True Blood’ made really no sense. Nothing in that episode ‘Thank You’ didn’t really matter, whether it was the wedding of Jessica and Hoyt, who were never exactly anyone’s favourite couple, or the fate of Sookie and Bill’s epic romance. The finale was nothing but a plot directed only to show who ended with who which was a gross injustice to the sexy vampire drama and its viewers as well.

9. Lost

The TV series ‘Lost’ created so much of complex mystery in its six seasons of run aired on ABC that it became difficult for even the writers to solve it. The series finale fell very flat and added more confusion on top of the head-scratching premise of the series as a whole. Many questions went unanswered even after the finale. Were the survivors of Oceanic 815 always dead? At what point did they die? Which part of time jumping story ere real? Who was ‘Mother’? Did Jack really just die? Although there has been a debate on the nature of its conclusion, but in the end, Lost ended up giving a season finale in which all the answers to the mysteries got lost as well. It is defitely among one of the controversial season finales ever.

8. The Sopranos

Following up with the show, ‘The Sopranos’ for six seasons on HBO, the audience of the show deserved a better ending. They were left without answers and a cheated feeling after the show aired for the last time. Instead of an expected amazing ending, it gave a very quiet and non relatable ending, including the final scene, where it appeared as though Tony Soprano was about to get whacked while he and his family were enjoying a peaceful meal at a dinner, the screen simply turned black. Such an unexpected ending to the show left its viewers disheartened and disappointed.

7. Two And A Half Men

The show went down to become one of the great disappointments as an ending to a show that went on for twelve seasons on CBS. After Charlie Sheen left, the show already seemed to be a futile drag. Furthermore the show ended up by showing a person presumed to be Charlie but seen only from the back greeted by a piano that fell from the sky and killed him.

Even the co-creator Chuck Lorre was hit with another piano after spouting Sheen’s infamous catchphrase. This could be anything but definitely not an appreciable ending to such a long running show.

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