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Quiz: Can You Complete These Chandler Bing Quotes From Friends?

Hello everyone! Welcome to yet another quiz on Friends’ funniest character Chandler Bing. Today we are going to take you on a ride to Chandler’s funniest lines from the show. But before jumping to the Chandler Bing quotes quiz, let’s take a look at what makes Chandler the most adorable character of the show and why he has been (and will always be) a fan favorite.

The key factor that makes Chandler an instant favorite is obviously his sense of humor. Even though his friends always tell him, he is not that funny and rude but we all know his sarcasm and wit make him a unique character. None of the characters in the group possesses the wit of Chandler. Needless to talk about the effortless way Matthew Perry portrays the character. No other could have been better than he could even though he was not the first choice for the part.

Another thing that comes with Chandler’s humor is his unmatchable sarcasm and extremely blunt attitude. This characteristic of his might be taken as being brave but that’s not the matter at all. He is upfront about everything because he simply cannot keep it inside. This, as he says in one of the episodes is his “defense mechanism”. This sometimes makes situations go really weird for him and others but on the other hand, it also makes certain situations light and easy. He might not be the best dancer but he is definitely the best comedian in the group!

chandler bing quiz

Everyone is sure to notice the humor of Chandler but one of his most amazing qualities that go unnoticed is his way of accepting everyone as they are. This implies how comfortable he is in his own skin and makes him less condescending. This quality is in all six characters of the show, but most of them judge others, unlike Chandler. He is less judgemental and accepts that people can be different from him and he seems fine with that. The best example that highlights this is his accepting Monica who is totally the opposite. And Joey, “his best bud” tops the list. Chandler has always been there for him even though he has very little faith in him becoming a successful actor.

Last but not the least, his love story with Monica. People talk about Ross and Rachel to be a central couple of the series but Chandler and Monica have the cutest love story ever. What makes their story better is the fact how naturally they developed feeling for each other and their rapid character development post-marriage. All these things make them the perfect couple.

So, that was Chandler who transformed from a socially awkward character to a sensible family man. Now, it is time for you to prove how well you remember Chandler’s lines from the show. Without wasting a second, scroll down and take up the Chandler Bing quotes quiz, and do not forget to let us know your scores in the comment section.

Can You Complete These Chandler Bing Quotes From Friends?

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