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The Ultimate Schitt’s Creek Quiz

Schitt’s Creek may not have become an instant hit when started airing but over the years it has become more and more popular. And its popularity touched the next level when the show won nine Emmy awards in its last season. So what is it that makes this fish-out-of-water story different from other sitcoms? Let’s find that out today and then we will challenge you to the ultimate Schitt’s Creek quiz to test your knowledge of the show.

Schitt’s Creek represents the story of the Rose family who has been a victim of embezzlement and now they are nothing but just a common family living in a motel of town Schitt’s Creek which they bought years ago as a joke. The shows follow their journey to become successful again. This may seem like a very simple story and we all may have seen such a narrative before as well but what makes the story of the Rose family different from others is their brilliant storytelling technique as well as the effortless character development.

First of all, the show has the most perfect casting ever. No matter if it is the lead character or a supporting character, there is something about every character that comes naturally to them and that helps all these characters seem realistic and believable. Versatile actors are the backbone of this show. 

The next thing that makes the show very close to reality is the changes that the characters go through. Especially the Rose family. The rich, spoiled, and luxury-loving family is transformed into a lovely family which expresses their love, shows care for others, knows the value of the relationship.

Hardest Schitt’s Creek Quiz

The show from the very beginning highlighted how ignorant the Rose family is when it comes to caring for others. And a small place like Schitt’s Creek helps them realize the worth of family, relationships, friendship, and love. Among the crowd of shows that showed us the importance of friendship, Schitts Creek stands out to make us realize how a family is equally important as well.

Schitt’s Creek has a lot to offer to its audiences but fans always wanted more from it. And it would not be wrong to say that every fan of the show wants to see a spin-off of the series. So that was it for today, now you can check out the ‘the Ultimate Schitts Creek quiz’ and don’t forget to tell your scores in the comment section. 

The Ultimate Schitt’s Creek Quiz

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