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Quiz: Can You Complete These George Costanza Quotes From Seinfeld?

Hello everyone! Welcome to yet another interesting trivia on our most favourite comedy Seinfeld. Today we are going to dig into the best lines by George Costanza and test how well you remember him. But before we start with the George Costanza quotes quiz, let us refresh your memory of this insecure and neurotic character with whom everyone can relate. So let us take a look at some of the worst and the best qualities of George Costanza.

The first and most interesting thing about George is his totally different personality from his friend Jerry. Though both are comedians but their personalities are poles apart which makes their conversations fun to watch. On one hand, Jerry is confident bubbling with high self-esteem whereas George is insecure about almost everything in his personality and life in general. He even seems to have a lot of psychological problems which make him selfish and obsessive to a great extent.

The funniest thing about George’s character is the contradiction in his personality. Even though he is insecure about his looks, he seems to have very high standards when it comes to dating. He is really choosy in his love life and gets constant failure in this field of life. He only gets close to marrying once during the whole run of the show. Most of the time, it is his own faults that mess up his love life. This trait of George’s life comes from the fact that his parents are also the same. If anything, they are even more bitter and neurotic than their son.

George Costanza quiz

Not only his problems in his love life are influenced by his past, but most of the problems with Costanza arise from his bitter childhood experiences. As mentioned on the show a couple of times, Costanza was bullied by his gym teacher. Though one good thing that came from this class was his friendship with Jerry. Ever since George and Jerry have been best friends. As a matter of fact, George hardly has any friends outside Jerry’s friend circle. He even seems to be grappling with the same problems in every episode but that is what makes it even funnier.

Seinfeld has always been described as the “show about nothing” and that’s why George’s same mundane problems don’t make it boring because the way of presentation is different each time. And that goes for the rest of the characters as well. Another thing is the brilliant cast of the show that makes it seem so effortless and real. Played by Jason Alexander, George Costanza is based on writer/director Larry David himself and the writer has admitted many times that he has acted in such a neurotic way for a substantial time in his life.

For anyone who loves Seinfeld, George would always be a timeless character like the show. And we won’t stop loving it! So, that was Seinfeld’s totally opposite best friend George. Now it is time for you to take up the George Costanza quotes quiz and do not forget to tell your scores in the comment section.

Can You Complete These George Costanza Quotes From Seinfeld?

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