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10 Similar Shows To Watch If You Loved ‘The Office’

There is no doubt that ‘The Office’ is definitely the best workplace comedy ever created in the history of television. We fans love to binge-watch it over and over, and there is no way that we will ever get tired of it. However, a little change is always good. So, we combined a list of the ten best similar shows to ‘The Office’. Trust us; if you love The Office you will surely love these as well.

Here are the ten similar shows to The Office, that you should watch.

10. Space Force

One thing fans tend to do a lot when it gets hard to get over the obsession with a show is watch others shows starring the same actors. And who could be better than Steve Carell himself? But Space Force is not only connected to The Office because of Steve but it is also created by Greg Daniels, the creator of The Office. This Netflix show is a workplace comedy that focuses on a new incompetent branch of the Armed forces headed by Carell. Therefore, it is more or less Michael Scott heading Dunder Mifflin all over again!

9. Superstore

If you are keen on watching a workplace comedy, then you should try watching Superstore which presents every aspect of a general store in a very humorous way. Basically, this show has everything The Office is known for. From contrasting characters, realistic situations, and office romance to great comedy, this show really gives The Office feels quite literally. The thing that makes this show different from The Office is that here you do not see a paper company but a big box store.

8. Reno 911

best shows to watch after Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Another mockumentary on the list is Reno 911. This show really captures every bit The Office is known for. From racy jokes, and cringe comedy to dark humor, you’ll find everything that makes The Office so great as a comedy and that’s exactly what makes this show great as well. Reno 911 shows the inside happenings of a 911 cell with cops responding to all sorts of calls they get throughout the day while being recorded by the documentary crew. The show also satirizes the careless nature of cops. This show seems an amalgamation of Brooklyn Nine-nine and The Office.

7. Community

As suggested by its title, ‘Community’ is set in a community college but the twist is that a lawyer comes to study law as it turns out he has lied about his college degree. Things take a weird turn as the lawyer is shown to accept the habitat, which is very below his age group. Community does not fit in the concept of a workplace comedy, but it is focused on a single set which is very much like a workplace comedy with a twist. The show is known for its brilliant concept and its contrasting characters.

6. Arrested Development

One of the first shows that very successfully tried the concept of ‘fish-out-of-water’ is Arrested Development. The concept of this show is no way near to The Office but the type of cringe comedy used in the show very much reminds you of The Office. The show centers on a dysfunctional family who lost all their money after their father is arrested for embezzlement. The show is a gem in the history of comedy ensembles. If you really love The Office for its comedy, you should not waste a minute and binge-watch Arrested Development.

5. Ted Lasso

The next on the list is the Emmy Winning comedy series Ted Lasso, which is focused on the titular character Ted. The show might not be very close to the concept of mockumentary or workplace comedy like The Office, but there are a lot of parallels between Ted and Michael Scott that will make you love this show. The basic storyline of the show is that Ted, who is an inexperienced football coach has to coach an English soccer team. This leads Ted into some serious trouble but he winds over everyone with the Michael Scott-like humor and innocence. No more spoilers, just go and watch the show.

4. The Good Place

Another very remarkable show created by Mike Schur is The Good Place. It is a comedy but it addressed quite a few serious existential questions that make it very different from the other shows created by Schur. The show revolves around Eleanor who finds herself in heaven after her death only to find out that she is not the right person who deserves it. The show might be different from the concept of mockumentary or workplace comedy but if you like the concepts created by Mike Schur, you should definitely check out this show.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Brooklyn Nine-nine is yet another brilliant production of Mike Schur, which he co-created with Dan Goor. The show follows the lives of the cops of the 99th Precinct of Brooklyn, New York. The show, unlike The Office, does not take satire as a medium but it is pure comedy gold when it comes to situational comedy. It has an amazing balance between laugh-out-loud comedy and discussing serious topics. The show is specifically known for the representation of people from all walks of life and the kind of problems they have to face throughout their careers as a cop.

2. Modern Family

Not a workplace comedy, but Modern Family is definitely the most popular mockumentary created after The Office. Rather than showing the things happening in a workplace this show follows the daily lives of a few families and do we need to say more? Guess what situations are much weirder in families than at the workplace. The show also sprinkles a few very genuine parenting tips throughout the show that balances the show really well. Also, you will get Michael Scott vibes from Phil Dunphy.

1. Parks and Recreation

If you are a hardcore The Office fan, there is no way you have not heard of Parks and Recreation. And if you haven’t still seen it, you really should. The show is co-created by Greg Daniels and Mike Schur (which is a reason enough to watch the show) and it recreated the whole The Office vibe with a new cast. Well, not literally new as it has a few characters from The Office. But this is the closest a show could get to The Office. As a workplace mockumentary, the show is set in the state of Pawnee and follows the lives of local government workers.

So, this was our list of ten best similar shows to The Office. Go check them and do let us know if you have watched any of them in the comment section.

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