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10 Best Modern Family Episodes Ranked

Repeatedly, Modern Family has proved itself one of the most well-made sitcoms. With twenty-two wins and innumerable Emmy nominations, the show was and still is one of the most loved shows of all time. The show ran for 11 seasons giving us 250 episodes that are filled with love, laughter, and tears. Like any other good sitcom, Modern Family also included showing all the emotions of life rather than focusing on just comedy. So today, we are going to count down the ten best Modern Family episodes.

Based on the ratings of review websites like IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, etc, here is the ranking of the ten best Modern Family episodes.

10. Aunt Mommy (Season 3)

Episode fifteen of season 3 focuses on Claire declaring that she will carry the baby of Cam and Mitch. Though the main storyline of this episode is rather serious, the way this episode is dealt with by the creators is fantastic. The scenes with a drunk Claire and her realizing what she did the next morning are just hilarious. The most important thing is that the story ends with the perfect resolution of this confusion, which makes this episode perfect.

9. Fizbo (Season 1)

Cam was introduced in the first season of the show just like any other important character, but he did not play any big part in the storyline. But in Fizbo, Cam’s character really shines, and we a very different side of his character. As he becomes the clown in this episode, it became one of the most memorable episodes of the show. It also showed how impactful the side characters could be. The show had small yet hilarious side stories.

8. Hawaii (Season 1)

On number eight, we have the twenty-third episode of the first season. This storyline could not be simpler. Gloria surprises Jay on his birthday with a family vacation. But guess who is paying for that? Yep—it’s Jay himself! Just imagine how hilarious the concept is. Though a vacation is meant to be relaxing, this family vacation turns chaotic with Jay worrying about his old age and everyone else not getting to do what they wanted. We can say, it’s a pretty realistic depiction of a family vacation and it’s totally worth watching over and over.

7. Halloween (Season 2)

You might have seen many Halloween episodes in several sitcoms but this Halloween episode of Modern Family is the best. Just like any other festive episode, this episode is also quite eventful. This episode gives you the haunted house feeling with the spooky visuals alongside the hilarious comedy. The most important thing about this episode is that it does not have any emotional or tearful scenes; it’s just filled with fun and laughter.

6. Las Vegas (Season 5)

When the whole cast of the show comes together, it is sure to be an amazing episode. Las Vegas is one such example. With multiple stories running simultaneously, this episode features Claire making money (actually recovering her long-lost money!). Alongside, we see Phil trying to join some sort of magic club and just like any other Modern Family trip, this trip is chaotic and full of confusion that adds to the hilarity of the weird situations.

5. Little Bo Bleep (Season 3)

Another episode where we see the side characters playing a big part in the storyline is Little Bo Bleep. While Fizbo put Cam in the focus, Little Bo Bleep puts Cam, Mitchell, and Lily in the center of the story. While some people may find this episode weird by Lily’s swearing and cursing yet it very realistically portrays the parenting problems people face through Cam and Mitchell. The episode also features Claire’s preparation for the TV debate and Jay and Gloria’s problems with Stella’s changed behavior.

4. The Future Dunphys (Season 4)

We all are quite curious to know what we will become in life. In this episode, the Dunphys see exactly their older self when they visit a hospital. The fear of ending up like the old family greatly affects both Claire and Phil and they decide to let the kids do what they want and become self-sufficient. While this episode gave some great parental tips, it also contains hilarious storylines about Manny and Jay checking out the private school.

3. Connection Lost (Season 6)

Technology plays a big part in the lives of modern families. No matter how far from our family, we are connected through technology. This couldn’t be portrayed better than this episode of Modern Family. The simple story of Claire being stuck at the airport while Haley has gone missing is just a depiction of this fact of life. The whole episode is a result of keen observation and marvelous writing with great acting. And so far, it is the most relatable episode of Modern Family.

2. Caught in the act (Season 2)

This whole episode is built on a misunderstanding between Claire and Gloria when Gloria sends an insulting email to Claire. But the other storyline is even more hilarious when Claire and Phil’s children walked in on them making love. Of course, the episode is filled with awkwardness but with it comes the chortle at the hilarity of the circumstances. The episode is so hilarious that it won an Emmy for outstanding writing.

1. The Wedding (Season 5)

The Wedding is one of the most emotional, lovely, and of course hilarious episode of the series. Being a comedy, it really becomes hard to make a perfect balance between seriousness and humor. And we are proud to say that Modern Family handled it just right! This episode features the memorable wedding of Mitchell and Cam. The thing that contributed a lot to the success of this episode was the confusion and chaos of the last episode. High on emotion and comedy, this was the perfect season finale we could ask for.

We know there are many more hilarious episodes of the show but that was our list of the top 10 best episodes of Modern Family. But we would love to know which is your favorite episode of the show in the comment below.

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