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That ’70s Show Supporting Characters Quiz

Hey there! Welcome to yet another fun trivia on our favorite show—That 70s Show. But today we are not going to talk about the six main characters of the show but equally important and equally hilarious supporting characters of the show. First of all, we must admit during the eight seasons, there were so many supporting characters that made the show even more interesting and funny. So let’s take a look at those characters one by one and then we have an interesting trivia ready for you that will test your knowledge about the same.

If lead characters are the soul of any show, then supporting characters are the heart of it. To make a show work requires a great deal of coordination between the two. Especially it is the sitcom which is the most difficult genre. But ‘That 70s show’ has a lot of characters that came in blended in as if they were always the part of the show. For example, Pastor Dave who was introduced in season two of the show as a good friend of Kitty is one such character that gave the show a great sense of freshness. He appeared in a couple of more seasons as well and is considered one of the best supporting characters of the show.

Another very important task that every supporting character has to do is justify their character to the audience in very little time. Without a doubt, it is a very hard job. But Leo does that job well. The bond between him and Hyde is loved by the fans of the show. Donna’s parents Bob and Midge were among the most important supporting characters. They were seen regularly and played important supporting roles.

Casey Kelso is another character that has justified his character very precisely. The handsome, charming, and smart elder brother of Michael, Casey was undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable supporting characters of the show. Though fans would never forgive him for breaking Donna’s heart yet he is the most remarkable character of the show. 

That 70's show quiz

Another supporting character of ‘That 70s show’ that we cannot dare to forget is Pamela Burkhart. And we are talking about Brooke Shields who played Jackie’s mom in the last couple of seasons. Jackie’s mon was played by some other actor in the first season and Brooke came in as a replacement which made it even more necessary to meet the expectations of the audience. But she did not disappoint anyone. On top of that, she aced the role with her acting skills and screen presence. She played an independent, modern, and fun-loving woman who is unconventional in every possible way and her character did provide the show with hilarious situations and made her one of the best supporting characters of the show.

These were our top supporting characters of ‘That 70s show’ but the list is long and we cannot wrap up this article without mentioning some other supporting characters as well. Caroline Dupree and Brooke Rockwell are again some really super fantastic characters who are unforgettable and make the show even more hilarious. But that is it for today and now scroll down and check out the That ’70s show supporting characters quiz and let us know your scores in the comments.

That ’70s Show Supporting Characters Quiz

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