That ’70s Show Trivia : The Ultimate Eric Forman Quiz

The 70’s Show remains a beloved sitcom. With a large number of loyal fans still admiring those hilarious characters, period setting, and sharp settings which made it a must-watch. One such character was Eric Forman, the role portrayed by Topher Grace. His character was based on the young ages of the show creator Mark Brazil. The show mostly revolved at the Forman house, in the basement where Eric and his friends used to hang out. In this Eric Forman quiz, we will quiz you about him, but before that, let’s look into some details.

Eric was often picked for his slight stature, though he had mental strength. His girlfriend Donna on the other hand was more physically strong than him, and also mostly everyone in their group. Eric was somewhat the group leader but still the least respected. He always used to come up with ideas and plans for the group which in turn used to affect him badly. The series does display Eric’s weak physical strength, but when triggered to a certain extent he did stand up to anyone irrespective of who that was.

Eric was quite hardworking as we see him working in several places as a waiter and many such. He was portrayed to be a supportive and caring friend, though his friends did not reciprocate the same. It was always him who used to get into trouble for any mishap that the gang did, mainly due to him being physically weak and also very trusting. But his friends did come to his rescue when things got worse, though they did take advantage of the situation and also took the same for granted. But Eric does stand up for himself whenever he gets wronged by his friend’s actions.

Speaking of his relations, one of his best friends was Steven Hyde, who was invited over to his house when his mother left him at a young age. Eric’s supportiveness towards his friends us evident when his father Red decided to throw out Hyde for the arrest of possession of drugs, Eric stood up for him against his father by proving Red’s hypocrisy. His frenemy throughout the show was Jackie, with whom he showed his annoyance but they also shared life and compassion for each other. Even though Eric’s used to disliking Jackie, all that was for a laugh and friendly bickering, which is evident when Eric shouts at Kelso when he threatens to break up with Jackie. Eric on the other hand did not develop any kind of sexual desire towards Jackie until Hyde made him realize that Jackie was “hot”.

Speaking of relationships, Eric had a completely different game. He has had several girls who tried hitting on him, to which he reciprocated too. But throughout the series, he had one girlfriend; Donna. They can be seen breaking up and then patching up again several times in the show. The break-ups usually followed a similar pattern, with him making a mess of their relationship and then again winning her over. He goes to such extent that he proposes and even plans to have a secret marriage, until later when he backs off from the engagement, with the fear that he thought he was holding her back and that she would leave him, but after all this mess they follow the similar pattern and they get it sorted and come back to a regular relationship.

Eric’s relationship with his parents was more like him trying to prove something to them, mainly his maturity and how capable he had become. But his father Red found him as a person who lacked the qualities of a man such as physical strength and other such things. He often used to threaten Eric, to put his feet up in his ass. But at the end of the day, even his father was like Eric, both had a dry sense of humor and both tried to be the sensible guy among their groups.

Kitty Forman, Eric’s mother on the other hand was more supportive towards him and often used to scold his father for being too hard on him. Eric does like her supportive demeanor, but at the end feels embarrassed as even she did not consider him as a man, rather as her “precious baby boy”. But on the other hand, she does not like or felt insecure when Eric dates Donna, as she thought she would replace her as the woman in his life. The rivalry between them can be seen throughout the series. Finally when Eric seemed to strictly move forward with the idea of marrying Donna, even though his parents objected, Red deems Eric as a man while on the other hand, Kitty is heartbroken as Red allowed her “precious baby boy” to get married.

Down below is an Eric Forman quiz, for all those loyal fans who surely have read through this summary of one of the main characters of The 70’s show, so check it out and know your score.

The Ultimate Eric Forman Quiz

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