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The Hardest Big Bang Theory Quiz Ever

Leonard, Penny, Sheldon, Raj, Amy, Howard, and Bernadette. Seven people, twelve seasons, and one Big Bang Theory. It is a shame if you haven’t watched TBBT yet, as it is not just a show, it is a feeling. The show teaches a lot of things, and it is definitely not only about science.

The big bang theory has different characters, each one of them with a different essence. Every individual has a different personality, and more than that, each person has a different story to tell. Sheldon, someone who clearly hates change, we see how he himself molds and changes all throughout the years, how he finds love, makes so many friends, tries to do things for others, and so much more. 

We see Penny grow into a very responsible and smart woman. From being a total fun-loving person to settling down, marrying, and finding happiness in normal life. Penny left her hopes of being an actress and found success in a job that she thought would be boring. Howard shifted from being a gross little guy who was always after women, to a gentleman who found love, married her, and had kids whom he would do anything for. Raj, always in search of love. What a sweet guy. Leonard, we saw him fight his demons as he had a tough childhood. We saw him finally forgive his mom. Amy was always a sweetheart, and she played a huge role in molding and shaping Sheldon into a human. Yes, Sheldon was a robot. Hehe. 

The Big Bang Theory Quiz

We see how these four socially awkward friends get past their fears and manage life. Penny holds a huge role in shaping their lives as their boring life only changed after Penny became Leonard and Sheldon’s neighbor. From geniuses in science to people who used to get weird in front of women, Penny really did change the lives of these 4 scientists in a huge way! Before Penny entered their lives, all these nerds knew was to work on projects, boast about them, play video games, go to the comic book store, have no life, and play Dungeons and Dragons. Women used to baffle them, and they were smart, yet dumb. Does that make any sense?

Remember the day when Leonard first saw Penny? Ah, he was drooling over her, and well he did get his way didn’t he? It is sad that we never actually got to see their journey of having the baby as in the last episode, we only got to know that Penny was pregnant. Talking about the last episode, wasn’t it like the best ever? We loved how Sheldon spoke his heart out and revealed how he deeply loved each one of his friends. He praised them, and for once, he gave them a lot of credit for helping him achieve whatever he has. Throughout the show, we saw how Sheldon hurt people unknowingly, but whenever he understood that he went wrong, his gestures used to be the sweetest. Sweet reminds us of Raj. Oh, Raj…… he was literally a loverboy and we all really wanted him to find true love didn’t we? Howard and Bernie were a fun couple and we adore how they built a family in the show! Not to forget, Stuart, Kripke, and all the other characters who made the show worth a while. 

The Big Bang Theory Quiz

But hey, we are not giving you all the details. What is the fun in giving you everything in here, and then asking you the questions. Yes, you heard that right! We are here for the ultimate quiz of The Big Bang Theory, and we won’t let you score well that easily. If you are a true fan, we are sure you will be able to get a decent score. In case you don’t, well then you should stop calling yourself a TBBT fan, and start watching the show again. So without further ado, let’s get into the Hardest Big Bang Theory Quiz Ever!

The Hardest Big Bang Theory Quiz

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