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The Office Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Show in 2023?

Hello everyone! Welcome once again to a brand new quiz on our favorite workplace comedy—The Office! One of the most intriguing things about ‘The Office’ is that once anyone watches the show cannot help but watch the show over and over. There is something in the show that gives us comfort, and we simply cannot let it go. So today, we will explore what makes The Office so popular even after years of it going off-air. Then we will challenge you to play a pretty hard The Office quiz to see how well you remember the show in 2023.

One of the most important ingredients for a show is its characters, and they sometimes become even more important than the story itself. Good characters can survive a weak story. And it is because of these characters that today The Office ranks as the top-rated show of all time. As we know, the first season of the show is not that great and the stories lack depth as well but it was because of the amazing characters that the show was picked up and the rest is history. 

It wouldn’t be fair to say that the show has only five leading characters because every character in the show has an interesting back story. But the show primarily has five leading characters—Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam, and Ryan. Of course, only three remain with us till the very end. The most important character Michael Scott has become synonymous with The Office. Played by Steve Carell, we really don’t know how to describe him but say that he is the most contradictory character ever written. He is the best boss, a good friend, and a good worker as well as the most obnoxious worker, an annoying friend, and buzz kill.  To put it in one sentence, Michael is nothing and everything.

best characters of 'The Office'

The second most important character is Michael’s right hand—Dwight Schrute. As his character on the show, Dwight also comes with a wide variety of qualities, qualities that are hard to find in a single person. And with Dwight comes his buddy cum enemy Jim Halpert who loves to prank Dwight and annoy him for almost any reason he could find. And in these conspiracies against Dwight, Pam is always his partner in crime. But towards the end of the show, these three make the second-best trio of the company. The first is, of course, the accounting trio—Angela, Kevin, and Oscar.

Last but certainly not least is our fallen angel—Ryan Howard aka ‘the temp’. Almost all of us thought Ryan is the most normal character of the series. And we couldn’t be more wrong! Sure Ryan’s character developed but in the wrong direction and that’s what makes him different from every other character. So that were the most popular characters of the show and now it’s time for you to take up the Office quiz and do let us know how well you scored in the comment section. 

The Office Quiz

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