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The Office Trivia : The Hardest Starring Characters Quiz

Hey folks! Welcome to yet another amazing quiz on our most favorite show, ‘The Office’. But today’s quiz is a little different as today we will not talk about the brilliant main characters but the equally important starring characters of the show. These characters may be very small and do not play a big part in the overall storyline but their mere presence in the background made a very interesting environment in our little paper company. So before beginning ‘The Office starring characters quiz’, let’s see some of the most important characters of the show that were secondary but won our hearts with their versatile performances.

One of the most important characters that in my opinion is one of the most important minor characters is Kevin Malone. This character may not get many dialogues in every episode, but whenever he does, it is hilarious and makes you laugh out loud. We all talk about Jim’s signature look at the camera but Kevin’s side glance is equally funny and actually, it’s funnier. Another equally important and equally hilarious is Creed Bratton, who is just in the background wearing a weird expression on his face as if he doesn’t know where is he and what is happening! But the most commendable job is done by the writers of the show who used Creed very occasionally because a lot of him would have made us cringe and look like the writers knew it better than us.

Next on the list is our Indian homegirl and one of the show’s brilliant writers, Kelly Kapoor. If you look at the first seasons of the show, Kelly was merely seen in the background. But since the slap-incident on the diversity day, she became a very important part of the show. And what can I say about his melodramatic personality! Next comes our Nard Dog, Andy Bernard. So not a single fan of ‘The Office’ would have liked Andy when he was introduced initially. But Andy’s characters did take a 360-degree turn and he becomes one of the most hilarious characters of the show. 

If we are talking about not liking a character, how can forget Phyllis Vance? Again a background character of the first season became a regular. Phyllis is very dry and sour most of the time. At times she even becomes mean to the office employees. And so mean that we even start hating her but then comes the cute and sweet side that makes us like her. Last but not least is Stanley Hudson is one of the most frightening guys of Dunder Mifflin. Always busy with his crossword puzzles, he has a complex personality that can confuse anyone. Remember “Did I stutter?” He can be very terrifying but he is sweet too. 

best characters of 'The Office'

So those were the most important starring characters of ‘The Office’. Of course, there are a lot more characters but this is it for now. Now it’s time for you to take up this ‘The Office starring characters quiz’. Let us know your score in the comments!

The Office Starring Characters Quiz

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