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The Office Trivia : The Ultimate Erin Hannon Quiz

Hey Guys! Time for another amazing quiz from the best mockumentary ‘The Office’. But this time it’s not a lead character, it is one of the most loved supporting cast, Erin Hannon. This innocent, free-spirited character became a member of ‘The Office’ in season 6, and soon after that, it became an unforgettable character. So, now let’s take a look at Erin and how she made a place in our hearts throughout four seasons.

‘The Office’ is the most-watched live-action show on television. It is not only famous for being the most loved show of the mockumentary genre but also because of its amazing characters, which are not perfect of course but are unforgettable. The diversity in each character of the show has made the show even more entertaining.

‘The Office’ is the American adaptation of the original of the same name. Though the main concept of the show is the same, the makers have made slight changes not only in the storyline but also regarding the characters. But one thing that makes these characters even more lively is the casting. This is the most important characteristic of this show. The show has got perfect casting. 

Most of the characters of ‘The Office’ are the same as the original series. But it is noteworthy that some of the most minor characters of the show have been developed very beautifully in the U.S.  version and the audiences have liked it very much. One such character is Erin. She is supposed to be the ‘Mel’ of the U.K. version which was a recurring character on the show. Erin entered into the world of ‘The Office’ in season 6 when the whole show was at its peak. She replaced Pam as the receptionist. It did not take much time for Erin to adapt. And very soon she became a part of the office.

Erin Hannon Quiz

If we look closely, Erin’s character is very close to Kelly Kapoor. She is free-spirited, bubbly, and innocent. No wonder, they both share the first name. But jokes apart, Erin is kind of a younger version of Kelly Kapoor. One thing that the audience loved about this character was the innocence that she brought to the show. Her childlike innocence is what makes her very different from Pam and proves to be fresh. This change was not necessary yet it turned out just fine and the audiences loved it.

Another thing that the fans cherish about Erin is her relationship with Michael. Michael to whom nobody could go for advice, Erin became an exception. She, being an orphan didn’t know what family was like but after some time, she started to see a father figure in Michael. Through time they developed a beautiful relationship. Thus, she played a good part in the character development of Michael as well. So now, let’s take the ultimate Erin Hannon Quiz which will test your knowledge about Erin. Let’s see how many questions can you answer correctly!

The Ultimate Erin Hannon Quiz

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