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The Ultimate How I Met Your Mother Quiz

Welcome To The Ultimate How I Met Your Mother Quiz

We saw many sitcoms but only a few of them are evergreen in our hearts. There is a handful, whom we can watch over and over again but never get bored. And when it comes to evergreen shows, how can we forget ‘How I met your mother’. For almost a decade this show won our hearts and will do that in the coming years too. We all were there with Penny and Luke for almost a decade for their father to narrate the story of love, life, and friendship. 

But do you think you have listened to the story with full attention? If so, then you are the perfect place. We ask you to suit up for the ultimate ‘How I met your mother’ quiz. We bet you only a hardcore fan can get all the answers right. And if you think you are the one, then it’s time to prove that. But before you scroll down to take up the quiz, let’s take a look at why ‘How met your mother’ is still a fan favorite.

We spend a fair share of time with Ted Mosby to find the love of his life. No matter if it meant getting through his sucky dates! Though a large number of the audience was and will not be satisfied with the ending, we all still love the show. There are a few genuine reasons for that too. So, let’s take a look at why it is still one of our favorite shows of all time.

The most important reason why HIMYM became an instant fan favorite is that people of all ages but, especially the younger generations related a lot to Ted’s character, the protagonist of the show. For instance, in the first season, we see him fall in love with Robin and instantly confessing his love for her. Some day or the other, we all made that mistake. Didn’t we? So, the commonness of Ted’s love life was a big factor why ‘How I met your mother’ became an instant hit among the people.

Another reason behind the success of this show is a group of friends. From ‘Friends’ to ‘how I met your mother’, a group of friends has been the same. Ted, Lily, Marshall. Barney, Robin feels like they are our very own friends. We all have a funny group like that. All the characters are so different from one another that it never bores us. This immensely contributes to the success of the show. Last but not the least, one of the most important factors why people still love this show is that almost all episodes are stand-alone. Though there is a basic storyline, you can start watching the show from any episode and still laugh your ribs out. But still, fans don’t mind binge-watching it. Right? 

But now enough talking, it’s the time to suit up and show the world how big a fan of HIMYM you are. Are you ready for the ultimate How I Met Your Mother Quiz?


The Ultimate How I Met Your Mother Quiz

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  • Kalhara

    There were two answers wrong in the quiz. First one is I counted at least 10 proposals from the show. And the second mistake is Marshal slaped Barney 9 times.


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