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The Ultimate ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Quiz

Hey people! Today we are going to talk about a very loved and critically acclaimed show i.e. “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”. The show has been around for over a decade and has been renewed for the 15th season. So we thought why don’t we test your knowledge about the show. So, here is the hardest ever “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” quiz. But before that let’s take a look at what are the qualities that make this show one of its kind.

In an array of American sitcoms like Friends, TBBT, HIMYM, etc. we all saw some similarities. Though the concepts were different from each of the show’s most of them had more or less repetitive development. But a show that stands out from these shows is “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia”. Though it also shows us a bunch of characters in different situations it seems refreshing and very unique at the same time. The most important and most notable thing on the show is that the show has got almost zero-character development, especially in the first few seasons. Our leading character called the gang which consists of Frank, Dennis, Dee, Mac, and Charlie show no sign of development. Circumstances, no matter how worse they get, they pay no heed to them. This is the plus as well as minus point of the show.

Another thing that contributes to the success of the show is it’s dark and cringe comedy element. We don’t see many shows take up with this genre of comedy but this show pulled it off really well. Thus it provided a variety to its audience. Also, the concept of the show is quite different, it does preach to you sometimes but it also annoys you when the characters don’t do things you like them to do.

The show has also got uniqueness, which may even make you discomfited when you watch it for the very first time. But once you catch up with a few episodes, you’ll be hooked to them. They don’t reflect reality and it would not be wrong to say that the show is far from reality. Another reason why it became successful is that the episodes of the show are not inter-related, they are stand-alone. Looks like the makers don’t want the audiences to connect on a deeper level. But this does not mean it lacks in its humor and comedy.

Last but certainly not least are the characters themselves. Most of them are portrayed as unattractive, stupid, and even ugly. This is also very different from other sitcoms where the characters are mostly good-looking people who seem too good to be true. So, the conclusion is that though the regular sitcoms will make you feel good and nice with a chuckle or laugh in between, “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” will make you laugh your heart out. But enough talking about the show, scroll down to the hardest ever “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” Quiz and let us know how much did you score?

The Ultimate ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Quiz

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