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Only The Biggest Fans Can Pass This Ultimate Friends Quiz

Joey, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe, these six characters have impacted our lives in ways that no one can imagine. If you have watched this incredible show, we are sure that you understand our feelings. Friends has given us 10 seasons to enjoy, and laugh. With every episode, came a bag full of comedy and 20 minutes full of heart-filling joy. I remember watching the show 3 times myself. Now, I randomly play any episode while I do other things. And you know what? The feeling is still the same. 

For anyone who hasn’t watched Friends (why are you even here?), the show revolves around the lives of six people in their mid-twenties, who have been trying to set their lives in terms of work and relationships. We see how they struggle, stumble, and get across the bumpy roads while they go on to have a successful career. In terms of relationships, we see how they date several people and have various twists and turns before they settle in life. It is quite interesting how the show has shed light on real-life problems and has not highlighted unrealistic scenarios. That is what makes it highly relatable. 

Ross is shown to be a geeky guy who is a typical nerd. Ross loves dinosaurs, and he is the divorced guy in the group. This is because he got married to several women, and well, he had an on and off relationship with Rachel. This nerd is a beautiful soul at heart, and he was also the first dad of the group. Hopping onto Rachel! A typical daddy’s princess, Rachel, entered the group after she ran away from her wedding and went to Central Perk in search of Monica. Rachel had no idea about how to work and go on with life. She then gradually turned into a successful person in the field of fashion. Then comes Joey! Joey was simply a FOODY. The guy loved food, and one of his iconic dialogues was, ‘JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!’. Joey also loved women, and he was a very great friend at heart. 

Chandler oh Chandler! Chan man was the funny guy in the group. Chandler kept cracking funny jokes, and he was the best friend of Joey. Joey and Chandler always stayed together before Chandler moved out because he moved in with Monica. Now let’s move to Phoebe. Phoebe was a very fun-loving woman who was weird yet very great in her own way. Phoebe had a unique personality, and all loved her. Last but not least, Monica was the mom of the group. With an OCD for cleanliness, Monica took care of everyone, and she was Rachel’s best friend. 

It was fun to know a little bit about all the characters, wasn’t it? Now that we have given you an elaborated refresher let’s move on to the main part. You must have figured out that we are here for the ultimate Friends quiz ever. A quiz that will make you think hard, and will test your love for this incredible series. Before you get started, we recommend you to think whether you trust yourself enough to take this ultimate friends quiz. Answering 40 or more will get you passed. So, let’s get started!

The Hardest Friends Quiz Ever

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