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Best TV Series Bromances – Top 10

6. Ted and Marshall (How I Met Your Mother):

Ted and Marshall are friends who have not only been in the college together but also fantasize about growing old together with their respective partners.

Their sword fight to take control of the apartment, their road trips to eat a pizza in which they would play “500 miles” song for all of the journey and zitch dog game in the car; these are all some epic memorable moments showcasing the precious bromance moments of Ted and Marshall. The way they both loved star wars and Ghostbusters and would get emotional over “Field of Dreams”; only bros can do that.

5. Raj and Howard (The Big Bang Theory):

Raj and Howard share a weird relationship as they stay together all the time. Watch Raj and Howard go on lady hunt with oozing confidence and you will understand why they are in the list.

Raj sometimes embarrasses Howard when people may mistake them as a gay couple due to Raj’s expression of friendship but both of them never quit on each other.

If Bernadette wasn’t in the picture, Howard (Simon Helberg) would have probably married Raj (Kunal Nayyar).

4. Sherlock and Watson (Sherlock)

Mr. Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Dr. Watson (Martin Freeman) make for a great team; whether it is figuring out the murderer or in a battle of the wits. With their sarcastic remarks and deadpan humor, these residents of Baker Street are as British as one can get.

They might clash at times and not agree, but all good bromances suffer a few fallouts now and then, and this one is no different.Though they never own up to the fact that they love each other, their mutual admiration and respect is apparent.

Contrary to popular belief, they are most definitely not dating. However, the are definitely one of the best TV series bromances.

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