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Best TV Series Bromances – Top 10

3. Turk and J.D (scrubs):

They share the true bond of friendship and were too close to each other that people take them wrong and think they are gay. These 2 are the friends who like spending more time together rather than going out and meeting new people.

From being close friends to giving nicknames to each other, from doing surgery to the wearing of ring out from cereal box, and to be at each others side to plan to meet in heaven. This type of friendship audience crave for and still one of the favourite of all time.

2. Jerry and George (Seinfeld)

No one can talk about Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) without mentioning George Costanza (Jason Alexander) in the same breath. Best friends from school, they try to navigate life in New York as adults while trying to figure out what in the hell is going on in this thing called life.

Master manipulator and compulsive liar George, with his stream of unending problems, is the the perfect foil for the quick-witted, sarcastic and fortunate Jerry.

1. Joey and Chandler (Friends): 

Joey and Chandler’s bromance is the hit of the century, their love for recliners, Baywatch, foosball, and taking care of the chick.  While Chandler is the more dependable and serious of the pair, he is always able to let loose and be freer when he is around Joey, who is simply fun-loving by nature.

From the new year eve kiss to deep hugs when leaving the apartment with Monica. Every single thing is to be remembered. 

They are the ultimate best friends who would do anything for each other, and are always there for one another regardless of the situation.

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