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Best Viral Outbreak Movies – Top Ten Hits

With the world in lockdown with the mysterious Corona virus looming over our heads like a dark cloud, what better time than now to watch some of the greatest viral outbreak movies to see how our fictional heroes managed to survive when in our position.

Here are top ten viral outbreak movies.

  1. Carriers

Chris Pine stars in this post-apocalyptic movie where we see yet another virus wipe out most of the world’s population. Our lead foursome is uninfected and they make their way to a remote resort in hopes of staying hidden until the end of the pandemic. But in a post- apocalyptic world, this is easier said than done and the foursome has to fight for their survival as along the way they face other survivors who are dangerously desperate to survive and will even turn on each other if it ensures they live. 

  1. Train to Bussan

An absentee father choses the worst possible time to spend some quality time with his daughter in this Korean viral outbreak movie. As the father daughter duo board the train, there is a viral outbreak that turns those affected into zombie like creatures. An infected woman boards another carriage on the same train but as the movie goes on she begins to infect others on the train with her. Soon it becomes a battle between those affected and those who aren’t as those who aren’t try to isolate the infected in the other carriages. You’ll find yourself holding your breath as you watch our heroes fight for survival.

  1. Resident Evil 1

Based on the popular video game, Resident Evil follows Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez as the leaders of a commando military team sent out to break into a secret facility known as “The Hive” operated by the powerful Umbrella Corporation, where a virus has broken lose killing all the personnel and resurrecting them as the evil undead. With just three hours to save the world from being affected by the virus, the team lead must shut down the supercomputer; fight the undead zombies and mutants all hell-bent on killing them. No pressure, right?

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