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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Ultimate Michael Hitchcock Quiz

Hey people! It’s time for another edition of a fun B99 Quiz. This time, we bring you a quiz related to the weird but hilarious Michael Hitchcock. He may not be an action-packed veteran detective but he does make Brooklyn 99 what it is today – a rollercoaster of wacky comedy. His crazy personality and hilarious one-liners are what make him stand out so much. But despite being a part of the main cast, Hitchcock and his partner Scully are quite underrated.

Only true Brooklyn 99 fans remember everything about Hitchcock. So, for every Brooklyn 99 fan out there, this is another opportunity to test your knowledge about the show. But before we can get on to the ultimate Michael Hitchcock quiz, let us have a look at a few details.

You may know Hitchcock better as one half of the Hitchcock and Scully duo pair. They have quite a lot of common traits. Both of them are old, veteran detectives. Both can gladly admit that they are lazy and both of them have a bag full of wacky and quirky personalities. In fact, if you go according to Terry, then the number of cases solved between both of them, in recent times, is just 14. Talk about having a record! They are so close that were even mistaken for being romantic partners. 

Hitchcock’s crazy one-liners are the ultimate scene stealers. When Gina makes up a fake disease called “Ansel -Elgort Syndrome”, you must think Hitchcock to be the last person to catch her lie. But it’s rather surprising when we get to know that he’s actually a fan of soapy teenage romances – The fault in our stars being one of them. 

Hitchcock’s antics don’t just end there. Look, if you were to list down Hitchcock’s character traits on paper, he may not seem to be the candidate that you’d like in a show much less anywhere else. But the artistry and comic timing of Dirk Blocker, playing Michael Hitchcock, is what makes him so hilarious and memorable. He has been divorced many times and has many more lovers than those who are half his age. He is described as hedonistic at best and derives pleasure in doing the weirdest things.

But despite his laziness and sheer disregard of doing actual detective stuff, he actually has a record for having the highest arrests in the precinct than anyone else. Yup, Captain Holt included. This can be attributed to the fact that Hitchcock was a few of the officers who managed to stay on the NYPD service back in its grizzliest days, aka the 1980s. 

He carries a comb in his pocket despite being bald for years and has a tattoo of himself holding a gun (crazy? totally). So if those weren’t enough for a bag full of quirks for you, we bring you a quiz that even Hitchcock will approve. Hitchcock might not be your favorite character on screen, but you cannot deny that he tends to steal attention towards him always! So without further ado, let’s get on to our ultimate Michael Hitchcock Quiz.

The Ultimate Michael Hitchcock Quiz

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