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New Girl Quiz: Can You Name These Supporting Characters?

Welcome back everyone to yet another exciting quiz on New Girl. But in today’s post, we are not going to talk about the main characters but we will show you pictures of the supporting/minor characters and you will have to correctly guess their names. But before we begin this New Girl supporting characters name quiz, let us look into the details of the show.

Jess, Nick, Winston, Cece, Schmidt and Coach are among the most interesting characters ever. But apart from them, many supporting characters have also contributed to the show’s success. These minor characters played an important role in keeping the show’s storyline fresh and interesting.

One such character is Robby, who is quite popular among New Girl fans. He is introduced as a love interest of Cece but later also dates Jess. Another memorable character of the show is Raegan Lucas. She is not only very attractive but equally hilarious. She doesn’t take nonsense from anybody and loves to live her life freely. 

Some of Jess’ love interests such as Paul, Sam & Russell also have good and interesting roles in the show. Also, how can we forget about Caroline, whom Nick was madly in love with and was crushed when they broke up. The couple had been broken up for six months when Jess came along.

New Girl Supporting Characters Quiz

It won’t be fair to talk about the most interesting characters of New Girl and not mention Aly Nelson. Aly is by far the most adorable and kind-hearted person on the show. She is secure in herself and makes efforts to keep the people around her happy. And one of the most wholesome things on the show is her love story with our boy Winston.

So, that was it about the supporting characters. Below is the New Girl supporting characters name quiz, where you have to correctly guess the names of the characters by looking at the picture. There are 25 questions and you need to answer at least 20, in order to pass. Good luck!

Can you Identify These ‘New Girl’ Supporting Characters?

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