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Parks & Recreation: The Ultimate Tom Haverford Quiz

Welcome friends to another edition of the Parks and Recreation quiz. In this one, we will test your knowledge about Tom Haverford. What would Parks and Recreation be without the misplaced confidence of Tom? His can-do spirit of the swag-obsessed, party-loving entrepreneur was very interesting. But before we begin the ultimate Tom Haverford quiz, let us look into some details.

The key to Parks and Recreation’s success was the brilliant writing and stunning ensemble cast of characters. Created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, this show is a powerhouse of modern sitcom television. It is a is part of a golden age in TV history, with certain other similar shows likewise winning plentiful plaudits and praise from fans and critics alike.

With so many great characters at its core, Parks and Rec offered something for everyone, as each of the main crew had their own fervent fan base. One character who people loved to watch, while often loving to hate, was Aziz Ansari’s Tom Haverford. Forever entertaining, Tom would more often have you cringing at what he was getting up to or saying.

His ambition and lack of regard for others has resulted in him getting involved in some of the series’ most memorable escapades, be it his numerous failed business ventures, his inevitably doomed relationships, or his commitment to doing as little work as possible around the Parks and Rec office.

We hope your memory of the character and the show has been refreshed. Are you ready to take on the ultimate Tom Haverford quiz? Down below is the quiz with 30 questions and you need to answer at least 24, in order to pass this quiz. Good luck!

The Ultimate Tom Haverford Quiz

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