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Schitt’s Creek Trivia : The Ultimate Alexis Rose Quiz

Welcome to the Ultimate Alexis Rose quiz. Today, we are going to talk about the diva of the Rose family—Alexis Rose, and her awesome personality that not only makes us laugh but also makes us cry! There are many different shades of Alexis and we would love to explore them all. And at the end, we will also treat you with the hardest ever Alexis Rose quiz. So, let’s take a look at how Alexis’ character changes throughout the six-season and why is she one of the favorite characters of the show. 

In the first season of Schitt’s Creek, Alexis was introduced as a spoiled, bratty, and not to forget charmingly beautiful daughter of Johnny and Moira Rose. She was struggling with her calling in life and was confused about what to do with her life. But everything aside, one thing we cannot deny and which we love about her is her kind-heartedness. In our opinion, she is the quickest to develop a relationship with the people of Schitt’s Creek, though it was earlier just for the sake of getting out of there! 

The characterization of all the characters in Schitt’s Creek is commendable and Alexis is no exception. Like any other character on the show, Alexis also has her ups and downs. But this is what makes her character so different. She was the youngest, the least experienced person of the Rose family. Maybe this is why she started adjusting to the situation at hand very quickly. All the credit goes to the outstanding writing. And how can we forget the amazing acting of Anne Murphy who even improvised the role of Alexis through her research? And all this was worth it as she got her Primetime Emmy Award for playing Alexis. 

But this inexperienced, childish Alexis completely changed in the course of these six seasons. Remember the time she decided to finish her high school, and then become independent? All these were big hurdles that our princess crossed, though she got hurt a few times. Another thing that we all love about Alexis is her sweet and sour relationship with our favorite David. No matter how high-profile they are, their relationship was just as common as any other. This is so relatable as well as soothing to watch. Another thing that Alexis learns while her stay in Schitt’s Creek is the importance of relationships in her life. Be it with her family or in any romantic relationship, she learns to love everyone and even sacrifices.

People change according to circumstances and this is very well depicted by Alexis’ character. Though the whole Rose family changes for somebody as spoiled and young as Alexis, this change becomes even more surprising. And this is why this “fish out of water” is our favorite. So, now we have reached the end of the article. We believe like us, you also love and admire Alexis. Below given is the ultimate Alexis Rose quiz which has got 50 amazing and pretty hard questions about our princess. Answer them and let us know how much did you score. Best of Luck!!

The Ultimate Alexis Rose Quiz

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