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Friends Trivia: The Hardest Ross And Rachel Quiz

Today is all about the lobsters! Yes, you guessed it right. Ross and Rachel, Rachel, and Ross, we are going to talk about the super couple today, and there is no stopping us. Before we test your knowledge in this Ross and Rachel quiz, let us take you on a quick refresher of their story.

From Rachel being Ross’s crush since high school, to them having a baby together, Roschel is the best thing that happened in the show, and you cannot tell us otherwise. Remember when we saw that tape? Yes, the one where Ross was about to take Rachel to the prom. Ah, it melted all of us, didn’t it? Or the time when Ross gifted Rachel the best birthday gift made her realize that he loved her (only after Chandler unintentionally spilled the beans). Well, we all know what happened later! Rachel went to receive him at the airport, only to watch him come with a new girlfriend, Julie. Hah, curse the destiny.

The best part was when they finally kissed. What a moment that was! Ross could’ve easily lost Rachel after the pros and cons incident. Does anyone remember Mark? And the hot copy girl? Ugh, if it weren’t for them, Ross and Rachel wouldn’t have broken up in the first place. THEY WERE ON A BREAK! Yeah, right, who’s up for an argument with us on that one? Anyway, they almost got back together when Ross broke up with Bonnie. Ah, yes yes yes, it is the time when Rachel wrote a letter to Ross, which was 18 pages, FRONT, AND BACK.

Again, they did not get back together, and soon, Emily entered the picture. Ross and Emily decided to get married, and Ross said the wrong name at the altar. To Ross, it’s Emily and not Rachel. You do not get the name wrong at the altar! Ross and Emily did get married, but they then got divorced because Ross could never cut Rachel off of his life. (Aww). Let’s jump onto the Vegas incident now. Remember when they got drunk and then got married? OH MY GOD. These two are crazy, crazy in love. However, after a lot of disagreements, they got divorced because it was a drunken mistake. Later, we get to know that Rachel is pregnant at Mondler’s wedding. Could we be any more confused? Like, when did that happen, Rach? Who’d you do? Rachel then revealed that it was Ross’s baby, and she moved in with him.

They have a baby together and name her Emma. Ah, cuties. It was such a heartwarming moment, and we’re sure that you cried, just like we did. Later, towards the end of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, we get a glimpse of how Ross and Rachel end up together. Ross stops her from going to Paris, and she comes back. The show ended with that. However, in the show’s spin-off, Joey, Joey somewhere mentions that all his friends are married. Hence, we all assume that he was mentioning Chandler-Monica, Phoebe-Mike, and Ross-Rachel. Although, who knows, maybe they went on another break, eh?

Now that we’ve given you a refresher let’s jump onto the quiz. Let us warn you, it is going to be hard, and you are not going to get it right. We suggest you give up, but who knows, maybe there is a freak out there, who has watched the show for a zillion times and can get 25/25? Let’s get started!

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