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Seinfeld Trivia: The Ultimate Costanza Family Quiz

Welcome to another edition of the Seinfeld Trivia. In this article, we will test your knowledge about the Costanza family. Whether it’s George, Frank, or Estelle, the quirky streaks of their characters shed new light on the show. But before starting the Costanza family quiz, let us look into some details.

Seinfeld has a loyal fan base even to this date and credit behind this goes to the hilarious script and the legendary characters. We can’t stress enough the importance of these characters on the show. Whether it is ”yada yada yada”, Kramer’s iconic entry to Jerry’s apartment, or Festivus, each part has carved a special for itself in the hearts of their fans. But today we are here to discuss and talk about three very important characters without whom, the show would be incomplete and that is the Costanza family. 

George’s character wasn’t perfect but it was realistic and added the much-needed dose of humor and relief from time to time just like the other characters. His habit of lying about his job and all the funny incidents and troubles he got himself into has made us double up in laughter for over 3 decades. 

Frank with his weird phobias and Estelle playing the typical nagging mother and wife added their own hilarious flavors to the show. After all, the love-hate relationship they shared and their on-spot reactions have certainly made us all laugh, right?

Costanza family quiz

While the entire Costanza family has had a loyal fan base even after so many years, now is the time to check if all the Costanza fans out there are as crazy about these characters as they claim to be. And to check out the same thing, we have created the ultimate Costanza family quiz with questions that only a true fan can answer! So are you ready to take up this challenge and nail the quiz?

The Costanza Family Quiz

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