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The Vampire Diaries Trivia : The Ultimate Damon Salvatore Quiz

The heroes inspire admiration, but it’s the villains who make us swoon. Something about them wanting to damn the world to hell, if it means saving the girl they love. It is that trope, which I think made Damon Salvatore the most desirable and prominent character of a teen supernatural drama series as popular on prime-time television as The Vampire Diaries. Welcome to the ultimate Damon Salvatore quiz, before getting started, let us look into some details.

Created as an adaptation of L.J. Smith’s series of young adult novels, by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, The Vampire Diaries premiered on the silver screen in 2009 and featured a most talented and attractive cast, that collectively made the show a raging sensation among fans of the supernatural genre. Being one of the three protagonists of the show, Ian Somerhalder, as Damon Salvatore, definitely had the cutting edge, but his signature smirk and bad-boy attitude carved out the coveted position of a sensational heartthrob for every teenage girl out there (and might I say, adult women too!).

Getting into the story, Damon Salvatore was a 178-year old vampire, originally born and brought up in the enchanted town of Mystic Falls, back in the 1800s. Damon always had a problematic relationship with his father and went to the Confederate wars to prove himself worthy, when he came of age. But upon returning, he fell in love with Katherine, who strung him along with his younger brother, Stefan, engineered their deaths and subsequent turning into vampires and faked her own death to disappear, before the people of Mystic Falls realized her truth.

The newly-born and confused vampire brothers had disagreeing emotions about whether to continue their lives and one thing led to another, with Stefan forcing Damon’s hand to complete his transition by drinking human blood, and caused the brothers’ bond to suffer terrible consequences – the repercussions of which lasted through a century and a half.

The series is set in present-day Mystic Falls, Damon follows Stefan back to the town, meets Elena, discovers that Katherine tricked him all those years ago, works with Stefan to keep Elena safe, falls in love with her, and goes through an innumerable number of adventures and accidents involving werewolves, witches, hybrids, original vampires, sirens and of course, other vampires, before finally ending up as Elena’s soulmate at the end of the series, human and happy.

Damon’s character undergoes a very fulfilling character arc, from a selfish monster to the better man, but the one thing that remained constant was his devotion and utterly dedicated allegiance to Elena, which redeemed his character to great heights from the first couple of seasons till the very end. Seeing him protect her and love her even on her darkest days, really made the fans ship them hard.

I, for one, very well remember my teenage years, digging up all the dirt on Damon Salvatore and even, having a fan account on Tumblr with his name; honestly, a great number of my friends had varied versions of the same – the one thing uniting us, our undying fangirl love for the hot, sassy and snazzy Salvatore brother. Here’s to calling my Damon Salvatore fangirls (and boys, if any!) to show off their trivia knowledge on the character that ruled our hearts for a decade (and more!). I assure you it is not going to be easy, but here’s to slaying THE ULTIMATE DAMON SALVATORE QUIZ because we are, after all, “obsessed” with him. *insert Damon’s signature smirk*


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