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That ’70s Show : The Hardest Michael Kelso Quiz Ever

Time to take the quiz about the good-looking idiot Michael Kelso, one of the lead characters of the American sitcom, ‘That 70’s show’ which aired on Fox from 1998 to 2006. Among the league of period sitcoms, ‘That 70’s show’ is unique in its own way. And today we’ll see how it manages to be one of the most loved shows of all time. 

The first thing that makes ‘That 70’s show’ very popular is its concept. We all cherish friendship and this show revolves around five friends. The friendship of Michael, Eric, Jackie, Dyne, and Fez kind of makes the show o relatable to all of us. It does remind us of our friends and what else do we need? Let’s admit the show not only showed the emotion of friendship mingled with amazing gags and laughter, but it also became one of the consistent performers for Fox. 

Almost all the lead characters of the show were teenagers and thus the show seemed to massively appeal to teenagers and young adults. In fact, the show became so popular among teenagers that it was nominated a number of times for Teen Choice Awards. The shows rising stars at that time Ashton Kutcher and Wilmer Valderrama also won them on three occasions. Apart from this, the show was also nominated 16 times for the Primetime Emmy Award. Though unfortunately, they didn’t win any except one for costume design. But the show has got a massive fan following.

The role of Michael is played by our favorite Ashton Kutcher, who is well-known for his character of Walden in Two and a half-man. But way before playing Walden, he portrayed the character of Michael which is more or less similar to the earlier one. Time and again, both the roles have been compared and there are a lot of similarities as we see them. Michael is a dim-witted, good-looking guy who doesn’t really care about much in life. Numberless love interests, hook-ups, and mishaps all make the two characters so similar. The only difference is age.

Though the shows have a lot of punches and jokes, most of the time the jokes aren’t clean. Maybe the reason for showing it was to accurately show the American suburbs of the Seventies. The show is often criticized for extra highlighting pot smoking and rampant promiscuity. 

The show has a total number of 8 seasons which encompasses 200 episodes. This also makes ‘That 70’s show’ their longest-running show. Though the show gave us many incredible actors, the makers failed to hire actor Ashton Kutcher full time for the role of Michael, and in the 8th season, he was seen making guest appearances. So, that is all we know about Michael and ‘That 70’s show’ and now it’s time for you to tell us how much you remember him. Scroll down and take up the Hardest ever Michael Kelso quiz and let us know how much did you score!

Hardest Michael Kelso Quiz Ever

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  • Wtf Kelso never gave Jackie a ring, he ran at every sight of marriage or rings


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