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The Office Trivia: The Ultimate Creed Bratton Quiz

Welcome guys to another edition of The Office quizzes. In this article, we will test your knowledge about Creed Bratton. But before we begin the ultimate Creed Bratton quiz, let us look into some details.

The U.S. version of The Office is filled with weirdly hilarious characters. No matter if it is Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, or Kevin Malone, we have an array of characters who are outside of our understanding. It is nearly impossible for anyone to find characters like these in real life. And when we are talking about the weirdest characters of The Office, then how can we leave Creed Bratton? He may be a low-key character who is more of a background filler but The Office is incomplete without this nutcase! So today we want to test how much have you noticed Creed and his hilarious personality.

Creed is not identified with a particular character of the original ‘The Office’ but he is often called to be Malcolm from the pilot of the original show. Interestingly, the character of Creed Bratton is largely based on the actor Creed Bratton. So in other words, Creed Bratton is portraying himself except the fact that his character on the show has been fictionalized. One of the writers whom we more popularly know as Ryan from the show said that the actual Creed Bratton is exactly like the character except the real Creed is a good-hearted and likable person, while Bratton’s character has a dark side.

The statement by B.J. Novak is very true and this dark and mysterious side of Creed has given depth to the character given that he has much less screen time than the rest of the cast. In the first few seasons, he seemed like an extra character who was just filling in the space. But gradually, as the show picked up, Creed became the most fascinating and mysterious character of the show. 

If there is a funnier and more fascinating character on the show after Michael and Dwight, it has to be Creed. The fact that he is not an impersonation of any existing character but a real one, the writer as well as the actor has done a marvelous job. Given that he is the oldest employee of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company he could have a lot to offer as a character. Fans of The Office would love to know the exact life of Creed and his family. But the writers and the actor have never revealed anything about the character or where its genesis lie. For all that we know, his character is just a fictionalized version of the American Actor Creed Bratton himself. 

But now, enough talking about Creed and his weird mishaps. Now take up the ultimate Creed Bratton quiz and let us know much did you manage to score in the comment box below. Let us warn you, not even Michael knows what we are going to ask about Creed!

The Ultimate Creed Bratton Quiz

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