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The Ultimate Monica Geller Quiz

Friends, created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, received quite the popularity by showcasing the lives of six characters living in New York in their 20s. It ran over ten years and became one of the best shows of all time. This 90s Sitcom brings us Rachel Green, Phoebe Buffay, Monica Geller, Ross Geller, Joey Tribbiani, and Chandler Bing, who are navigating their lives and having each other’s back through thick and thin.

In today’s quiz, we’ll be throwing you questions about none other than our favorite, Monica Geller, played by Courteney Cox. But before we dive deep into this ultimate Monica Geller quiz and become highly competitive like her, we shall look into the details of her character and get to know her more.

Known for her extreme cleanliness and organizing skills, Monica is quite the ”mother” of the group. Her Manhattan apartment is almost the home base for the other fives of Friends, and if anything, Monica is proud of it and gives her best to keep it spotless. Monica is obsessed with cleaning. She cleans, organizes, and numbers her mugs. We even see her towels being divided into 11 groups. Her love for cleaning reaches a point where she cleans strangers’ cars on the streets.

We also see Monica being a chef and sometimes a food critic. She also cooks up a storm for Joey, and basically, others would starve without her. Monica is also shown as being very competitive. Even when she plays board games on weekends, she aims to win, and it can get very intense sometimes. But this nature also makes her reach her goals in life and get praised for her accomplishments.

Monica lets us enter into her childhood, and we realize that sadly, the “mother” of the group did not have the best relationship with her parents growing up. That led to her being insecure, controlling, and sometimes way too caring that she no longer understands personal space. Her loyalty to the people in her life is remarkable. Monica supports her friends and makes sure they are well-fed, taken care of, and even gives them thoughtful advice when needed. We see her kindness when she lets Rachel move in with her after Rachel forsakes her wedding.

Besides being a great friend, she is also a loving partner. Monica never gives up on her long-time neighbor, friend, and partner Chandler. Their love for one another is truly one of the most beautiful things about this show. The couple gets married and ends up adopting twins Erica and Jack. 

In an interview, Courtney Cox revealed that she still feels such a deep connection to her character Monica no matter how long it has been. Now that we have analyzed the characteristics of Monica Geller from Friends, why don’t we put your Friends’ knowledge to the test and go along with the ultimate Monica Geller quiz section given below? Good luck!

The Ultimate Monica Geller Quiz

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