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The Ultimate Charles Boyle Quiz

Welcome To The Ultimate Charles Boyle Quiz

Most of the 90s kids and even the millennials, grew up watching some kind of detective or cop show that inspired our inner inquisitive selves. But combining a cop show with smack-on-your-face humour? Boy, did we not know how much we would appreciate it, until the advent of a prime-time American sitcom that combined the best out of these two genres. Welcome to Brooklyn Nine-Nine – a dramatic comedy about detectives in the fictitious 99th precinct of Brooklyn, who go above and beyond, performing their duty towards the city, while also, taking every unfortunate situation completely out of hand, and making it outrageously entertaining.

Brooklyn 99 is an incredible show and what makes it amazing is the characters that have been played by various impeccable actors. The show is written by Dan Goor and Michael Schur and everything about it is just amazing.

Today, we will be focusing on Charles Boyle, an underrated gem of a character and the unsung hero behind Jake’s antics. Charles is the most hard-working on the squad and has the kind of level-headedness that sees him through some really tough cases. But that said, he’s the frontline cheer-leader when it comes to Jake and the most supportive and generous friend one can ever hope to have.

He has plenty of oddities and is not “physically gifted”, but he is unapologetic about it all, even exhibiting pride and acceptance of his flaws, and that’s what makes him so adorable. Boyle is a connoisseur of rare tastes when it comes to food, but the squad isn’t a big fan of his gourmet palate and his cuisine suggestions are not usually accepted with enthusiasm. And when it comes to women, Boyle goes “full Boyle” on anyone who does like him back, and tends to scare them away with overwhelming attention. But all in all, Detective Charles Boyle is mushy, inside and out, and always comes through for his friends.

As a devoted fan, I have found Boyle as an adorable yet underappreciated character, and that’s what makes this quiz so much more interesting. Hope these 25 questions in THE ULTIMATE CHARLES BOYLE QUIZ make you wrack your brains and jump at the next opportunity for a re-watch, in case you can’t score high enough. And for those who do, here’s a cheer for you – NINE NINE!

The Ultimate Charles Boyle Quiz

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