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The Ultimate Sheldon Cooper Quiz

Are you a die-hard fan of the show The Big Bang Theory? Then, forgetting Sheldon Cooper is next to impossible. The character is so popular that a spin-off show has also been made on its childhood called ‘Young Sheldon.’ This quiz is specially designed for the life of Sheldon. The ultimate Sheldon Cooper quiz is focused on his journey from a 9 year-old to an adult when he married Amy. So without delaying it, let’s begin.

The Big Bang Theory made geek chic and science cool. Rarely ever had a television show portrayed geeks as the good guys whose storyline we wanted to follow. The best character was, of course, Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon is certainly a bird of a different feather and became one of the most beloved characters in the series.

Sheldon is a Caltech theoretical physicist and the series’s protagonist. He has a twin sister called Missy and an elder brother George Jr., and his parents are Mary Cooper, and George Cooper Sr. He has had a very high IQ since childhood, and just because he was a nerd, he faced bullying. Sheldon is always a fan of comics. His best friend from childhood is Tam, and in the year 2003, he moved with Leonard in an apartment and met Raj and Howard who became an integral part of his life.

Sheldon also met Penny in the first season of The Big Bang Theory and had a dislike towards her early on. Eventually, they became the best of friends in one of the best relationship arcs of the show. He later meets Amy through a dating site and ultimately married her after an unorthodox relationship. He also goes on to win the Nobel Prize and realizes the importance of friends in his life.

The thought process behind the creation of the character is unknown, but the character won several hearts just by his presence on the screen throughout the 12 seasons of the Big Bang Theory and four seasons of Young Sheldon. Jim Parsons portrayed the character of adult Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, and Iain Armitage played the role of Young Sheldon in the spin-off series. Now we hope that you are ready to answer the 25 most difficult questions about Sheldon in this ultimate Sheldon Cooper quiz.

The Ultimate Sheldon Cooper Quiz

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