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Friends Quotes Quiz: Who Said It—Rachel, Monica, or Phoebe?

Hey guys! Welcome to yet another amazing quiz where we are put forth the most interesting dialogues from ‘Friends’ and you will have to guess which of the three beautiful leading ladies of the show said them. So today we are giving you a full chance to show off how big a fan of ‘Friends’ are you. But before Friends quotes quiz on Who Said It—Rachel, Monica, or Phoebe? let’s talk a little bit about the show and its girls.

First of all, there is no doubt about the fact that all the six lead characters of ‘Friends’ are equally popular in the world. So, there is no debate that which is the best character of the show. Each character is different, unique in its own way. But it has been seen that the three girls of the show—Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe are sometimes overshadowed by boys i.e. Ross, Chandler, and Joey. But that does not mean that the female character of the show is weaker as a character. And in this article, we will explore how these three female characters were way ahead of their times which makes them the best characters of all time.

Phoebe is the most unique, weird, and craziest of all three girls, so let’s start with her. As revealed by the makers of the show Phoebe was written as an intelligent and clever character yet it was modified by Lisa Kudrow herself. But despite being amazingly weird, Phoebe comes out as the most mature person as the character develops. There is a lot of depth in Phoebe’s character because of her tumultuous past with her family whose glimpses we see now and then. But still, she does whatever she can to help them and we see her becoming a surrogate mother to her brother. Phoebe can make anyone laugh and cry at the same time.

Who Said It—Rachel, Monica, or Phoebe?

Next, we come to Monica, the perfectionist, and the cleanest person to exist on this earth! Monica is that friend of your group who can annoy you yet she is the sweetest. Once a fat girl who longed to get a boyfriend fell in love with her best friend who once loathed her. You may call this the most zig zag-gy relationship yet you know it was the most perfect love story in the history of American sitcoms. Fans even call Monica and Chandler’s story to be more romantic and real than Ross and Rachel’s.

Last but not the least, Rachel is ultimately the eye-candy of the show and the best part is that her character is not confined to that only. Her story is also inspiring. She was introduced as a spoilt girl of a rich dad who runs away from her wedding only to realize that she has nothing by herself. But she learns gradually and becomes an independent woman and needless to say that she became a great mom as well. So these were a few things about Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe. But now it’s time for you to take the Friends quotes quiz and guess Who Said It—Rachel, Monica, or Phoebe? Don’t forget to tell your scores in the comments!

Who Said It — Rachel, Monica or Phoebe?

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