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20 Most Powerful Superheroes Of All Time

Superheroes have always been popular among us. Their superpowers make them unique and make them favorites in terms of how they use their powers to fight evil. However, the stronger the hero, the better they are at their job. In this article, we have tried to rank some of the most powerful superheroes of all time. We have taken superheroes from both DC and Marvel universe as well as some others.

We have omitted characters that are either one of the followings; universe creators, neither good nor bad, negative characters and angels like One above all, The Presence, Lucifer Morningstar etc. Here, we have the 20 most powerful superheroes of all time ranked.

20. Aquaman

Aquaman is usually not taken as seriously as the other superheroes but he’s definitely underrated especially when it comes down to his strength. A telepath, who has the power to command the creatures of the sea, he also has a very unique built which gives him strength on both land and sea. As an Atlantean. He is able to bear the pressures of the deep sea and has an enhanced sense of smell, vision and hearing. As an Atlantean, he also possesses superhuman strength but what makes him even more powerful in terms of physical strength is the fact he draws his powers from royal blood. So although he doesn’t match up to the likes of Thor or Hulk, he definitely deserves a spot on our list of most powerful superheroes of all time.

19. Deadpool

Most notably known for his obnoxious personality, Deadpool’s strength is often overlooked. While he might not have super strength per say, he does possess super healing abilities. Deadpool came into existence after an experimental treatment for his cancer that left him horribly disfigured but with a super-healing ability so powerful he has become, for all practical purposes, completely immortal. On many occasions, he’s continued fighting even after he’s been dismembered, beheaded, or blown up.

18. Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch is easily one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe. While she can’t compare to the physical strength of someone like the Hulk, she more than makes up for it with her powers.

17. Supergirl

The cousin of Superman has, basically, all of his powers – flight, super strength, super durability, heat vision, and so on. However, not just once, she was called even more powerful than him. She is one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe.

And that is probably because she has actually trained in order to fight – granted, she started much older. But, unlike her cousin, she trained with both the Amazons and with Batman. So, besides her awesome levels of power, she is proficient in all sorts of martial arts and battle techniques.

16. Hercules

Hercules is the son of Zeus, the Sky father and King of the Greek Gods and is thus an Olymian God Prince. He is considered the physically strongest character in the whole marvel universe. Literally the strongest, even over characters such as Thor, Hulk, and the Destroyer.

15. Dr. Strange

Doctor Strange is incredibly powerful and has many abilities that explain how powerful he is. Most prominently, Strange’s ability to manipulate the world includes creating barriers and platforms – such as on the Battle of Titan – and transform items through transmutation. The Battle of Titan also saw Doctor Strange restrain Thanos with a binding spell, as well as duplicate himself.

Strange was able to open a gateway to the Mirror Dimension to save him from a blow from Thanos, as well as utilize the dimension in an attempt to trap Thanos. Strange’s ability to travel extends to the interdimensional, including being able to take others with him, which was seen when he imprisoned Loki.

14. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

Unlike most heroes whose powers are limited to one particular strength, Captain Marvel is diverse. She’s trained at every level of the military which means she’s mastered the art of battle on Earth. She also has survived being nuked, has advanced durability, strength, speed and even the ability to fly. And she can fire energy projectiles from her hands. So while she may not top the list in terms of physical strength, she definitely can give the bad guys a run for their money.

13. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is unique because she was sculpted from clay by mother Queen Hippolyta and given life by Aphrodite. She was also given superhuman powers as gifts by the Greek gods. Wonder Woman’s powers include super-strength, invulnerability, flight, combat skill, combat strategy, superhuman agility, healing, and magic weaponry. She also has the wisdom of the goddess Athena, along with 7 powerful pieces of equipment that enhance her abilities further. Most notable is her Lasso of Truth and Bracelets of Submission. Thus making her a force to be reckoned with.

12. Hulk

With a height of almost 8 feet tall and weighing in at close to 1,400 pounds, The Hulk is not a superhero one wants to fight in close quarters with. The angrier the Hulk gets, the stronger he becomes making his powers potentially limitless. If he were to ever face an opponent stronger than him, he would get angry that he is losing, then get the strength to defeat them, as simple as that. He can jump several hundred miles in one bound and can run at super speeds. The Hulk also has regeneration powers, along with an oxygenated perfluorocarbon emulsion. This allows him to breathe underwater and can move between varying depths without having to worry about decompression. So basically, The Hulk is a beast on land and water. With his raw brute strength, you wouldn’t like Hulk when he’s angry.

11. Shazam

Arguably, one of the only superheroes who can be compared to Superman is Shazam/Captain Marvel of the DC universe. By saying the magic words, he gains the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury and can practically transform into the magical version of Superman.

His powers include superhero durability and strength along with divine empowerment, transformation, electrokinesis, magic, flight, and even immortality while in his transformed state. He can use power distribution too, allowing him to share his magical powers with anyone in his family that he so chooses. He even has the strength to go against god-like entities such as Hercules. Thus, Shazam earns a rank as one of the most powerful heroes.

10. Flash

Flash Now this one may come as a surprise to many of you but it shouldn’t. There are several different people that donned the cape known as The Flash but I’m going to talk about the modern-day one in Wally West. The biggest misconception of Flash is that he’s just the fastest man in the world. It simply just doesn’t end there. The Flash also has the ability to think and act faster than the speed of light. Not only that but he can phase through walls and other matter, and read and acquire knowledge at a hyperextended rate.

He may play the dumb-witted hero in The Justice League cartoon but it’s simply just not the case. The Flash’s powers are incredibly underrated as he tops the list at number 9. His weakness? Well, you’d have to catch him in order to find out. Which for most, is an impossible feat.

9. Thor

Thor has been portrayed as one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There isn’t much out there that can match the strength of the literal god of thunder. With the passing of Odin, Thor is currently the most powerful Asgardian within the Nine Realms. Thor’s list of powers is diverse. He possesses super strength and perhaps is the only hero who could end a battle with Hulk in a stalemate. In addition to his strength, Thor is virtually invulnerable. Not only is his skin is impenetrable to human weaponry and tools, but he also has flown into the center of the Sun (as well as other stars), withstood the weight of planets, resisted blasts from Odin, Celestials, and the Asgardian weapon Destroyer, and has survived unscathed.

He can also fly, although not quite in the traditional sense. He can throw his hammer with so much force that it travels at speeds faster than that of light, carrying Thor along for the ride. The hammer can also generate energy blasts known as anti-force. Also when wielding Mjolnir, he can travel at ludicrous speeds, which is evident by his ability to travel faster than the speed of light. Thor, like many other superheroes, also possesses the ability to heal quickly which definitely comes in handy during a fight. On top of normal superhero powers, Thor’s abilities also include elemental powers such as weather and electricity manipulation. With such an impressive list of powers,
there’s no question about Thor making it to the top ten.

8. The Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer started out as Norrin Radd, an astronomer from the planet Zenn-La. He became The Silver Surfer after he agreed to be Galactus’s herald, his servant. This leads to him acquiring incredible power, transforming his body into an indestructible metallic substance and a silver surfboard that he uses to travel across the universe. After speaking with Alicia Masters, he realized what he was doing was wrong and decided to disobey Galactus. He then quickly became Galactus’s toughest rival.

Thank goodness The Silver Surfer turned hero because as a villain, he’d be unstoppable. His powers include the ability to absorb and manipulate the universe’s ambient energy, navigate through space at hyperspeed, superhuman strength and endurance. He can also project energy in various forms for offensive and defensive purposes, as well as having the ability to see through time. His senses give him the ability to detect objects light-years away and to perceive matter and energy, including life forms. He can also use his nearly indestructible board to attack and capture enemies.

7. Martian Manhunter

J’onn J’onzz is sneakily powerful. The most powerful member of The Justice League, J’onn has so many amazing abilities that he always seems to downplay them, at least he does in the cartoons. J’onn, the Martian Manhunter may be from Mars but he’s one of Earth’s biggest and most faithful allies. Thank god he’s a good guy. J’onn’s powers seem endless. With the ability to read minds, shapeshift into whatever he wants, x-ray vision, the ability to fly, invulnerability, superhuman strength that’s as powerful as Superman’s, invisibility which gives him the ability to phase through walls, J’onn’s in a league of his own. There’s nothing he can’t do and that’s just scary to think about. With the ability to adapt to any situation, J’onn J’onzz is an absolute powerhouse. His weakness? His most commonly known weakness is fire. Although in the Trial by Fire arch he overcame it to a certain extent. So who really knows, which just makes him all the more dangerous.

6. Jean Gray

Ms. Grey is the most powerful female in the superhero world. She’s almost too powerful for her own good. As one of the most powerful telepaths in the world, those in which only parallel Professor X, Jean Grey is easily the most powerful member of the X-Men team and female in all the Universe. Her powers are only limited by her mind, and not only is she a telepath but she’s also a telekinetic. She has the ability to move objects just by thinking about them. Jean is scary powerful but when she transforms into The Phoenix, she’s just scary. Her powers become incredibly unpredictable and are seemingly endless.

Phoenix Force is a powerful cosmic entity and the prime universal force of life that takes on various hosts. It single-handedly defeated Galactus. It can absorb energy, including the life-force of a being or the energy of a sun.

5. Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Jonathan Osterman disintegrated in an Intrinsic Field Subtractor and reappeared as Dr. Manhattan. The most powerful member of The Watchmen demonstrated just how strong he could be in the movie but that’s just scratching the surface. As a physicist, not only is one of the most powerful heroes in the world but he’s also one of the smartest.

Dr. Manhattan abilities consist of having complete awareness and control over basic atomic particles, he’s seemingly invincible and immortal, he can alter the size of his body as well as alter his density and color to whatever he wants. He’s also a telekinetic and has the ability to teleport himself to where ever he chooses. And he’s so powerful he could annihilate entire worlds if he wanted to. It’s really quite impressive.

4. Goku

Goku found his way somewhere in this most powerful superheroes list. He is also known as Son Goku is the hero of the manga and anime arrangement series Dragon Ball.

In Dragon Ball, Goku trains himself in a different hand to hand fighting and scans the planet for the seven Dragon Balls. He meets different characters with comparative objectives, for example, Bulma, with whom Goku goes to discover the Dragon Balls. As Goku develops, he winds up one of Earth’s most powerful warriors and shields it from scalawags who wish to hurt it. Goku is portrayed as cheerful and detached when calm, yet rapidly genuine when battling.

3. Franklin Richards

The son of Mr. & Mrs. Fantastic is an incredible mutant with vast, absolutely vast psionic powers. Franklin Richards is an omega level he can manipulate time and reality and is the most powerful superhero on earth. Once he made GALACTUS his bodyguard which shows his level of power. He can also create pocket universes. It’s hard to fit him into everyday superhero life – he’s that powerful.

2. Superman

It’s no surprise the Man of Steel is ranked 2nd in our list of the strongest heroes of all times. His list of powers is impressive. To start off, one of Superman’s most iconic but underrated powers is his x-ray vision. It’s the power to see through most objects. His x-ray vision is an invaluable tool for fighting crime. He can scan everything around him for criminals, people to rescue, and anything else, with just a turn of his head. Similarly, his super-breath is also an impressive feat. He basically can become a human vacuum or create hurricane-force winds at will which basically means he can knock over heavy objects with one blow of breath. He can also suck in his breath and hold it for a long time allowing him to travel underwater or to outer space for long hours. There’s no forgetting his heat vision which he can shoot out of his eyes. And it’s not that he shoots the beams out without any control. He can control the width and intensity and can melt metal and rock.

Superman isn’t devoid of super speed which is explained by his slogan “faster than a bullet”, super strength which is simply put as “more powerful than a locomotive.” Let’s not forget he can fly at incredible speeds, even capable of exceeding the speed of light. He can also pick up and move enormous objects while flying. Moreover, Superman’s body can take on extreme impacts, high temperatures, and even explosions without even a scratch.

1. The Spectre

Not your average superhero, The Spectre is a cosmic entity and the physical embodiment of God’s vengeance in Earth. As divine empowerment, he possesses unlimited strength and is often considered one of the most powerful superheroes ever. He can control reality along with time and space and has access to the knowledge of the universe. But what truly sets him apart from other super beings is his raw physical strength. His power is so great he needs a human form to be able to control it. He is invulnerable to all physical attacks unless he allows it. He can even take out an entire magical community in one fistfight. Is there any surprise that The Spectre has topped our list?

Honorable mentions – Vision, Captain America, Green Lantern, Wolverine, etc

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