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20 Best Seinfeld Characters Ranked

The television world’s landscape is continuously evolving, and now instead of the TV, all our favorite sitcoms and romcoms are available on our phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Thanks to this revolution, we can watch all our old favorite shows and discuss how hilarious the 90’s classic sitcom Seinfeld is.

What started as a collaboration between friends Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David in between 1989 and 1998, Seinfeld revolutionized the world of sitcom and became one of the most incredible television shows in history. Of course, the reason behind the success of the show was Jerry Seinfeld, Gorge Costanza, Karmer, and Elaine Benes, a group of friends who are funny, sarcastic, and witty and are also annoyed by the situations and problems they find themselves in. But there are other characters as well who played very important roles in the show.

In this article, we will have the 20 best Seinfeld characters ranked.

20. Lloyd Braun

All of us have one person who always had an easy life and believes that our accomplishments. Lloyd was this character for George. He is one of the most fantastic characters in the show, has undergone significant changes. He started by working next to Mayor Dinkins but was gradually brought and simultaneously faced a lot of mental breakdowns.

19. Estelle Costanza

Estelle is one of those characters who is double-sided, you will see her being nice, cute, and sweet, and on the other hand, being whining and screaming. Her role is one of the most inspired elements in the series and has contributed to creating the show’s most iconic scenes.

18. Crazy Joe Davola

Crazy Joe Davola is the sociopathic loon of the show. He is legitimately crazy and has created fantastic material. His relationship with Elaine has created “best real tension” scenes in the show. The viewers never really know what happens to him, but he has managed to grasp their attention throughout the show.

17. Mickey Abbott

Mickey is one of those actors who is armed with a small stature and short fuse. He is the perfect contrast of lanky and goofy Karmer. Mickey and Kramer have gotten into many scrapes in multiple seasons like doing Santa gigs, disease performance, making each n every scene a memorable one.

16. George Steinbrenner

Mr. Steinbrenner is one of the best characters of the show, though the audience didn’t get the chance to see his face. This fact didn’t allow him to slow down and not craft some of the hilarious yet memorable incoherent ramblings of the show. He never had a dull moment in the series and made everyone fall in love with him. He is definitely, one of the best Seinfeld characters.

15. Dr. Tim Whatley

He is famous for its iconic yet memorable scenes, even though he only appears in only five episodes. From converting into Judaism just for the laughs to re-gifting a label maker, he has done it all. Tim Whatley is also one of the greatest mysteries of the show and still puzzles the new viewers.

14. Helen Seinfeld

Helen Seinfeld isn’t one of the characters who are ‘laugh out loud’ funny. She has a salty tongue for the gossip-loving seniors of Del Boca Vista, but she stands up loyally for Jerry, making her one of the show’s truly beloved characters. She is an overprotected mother, which is evident from the scene when she asks Jerry, “how can anyone not like you?’ 

13. Kenny Bania

Kenny Bania was introduced as a miserable comedian. Bania also had a knack for putting a positive spin on almost everything. (“The best, Jerry! The best!”) But all these traits, including the comedian’s litany of jokes about things that dissolve in milk, made Jerry loathe him. He is among the best Seinfeld characters.

12. Morty Seinfeld

Morty Seinfeld shined during the episode “the pen” and made everyone laugh their heart out. He is a typical father, pays bills whenever he is out with Jerry, and sticks up to him whenever he feels that Jerry is being slighted. Morty has made a living by selling raincoats that to under the name of Harry Fleming. He invented the beltless trenchcoat and considered it to be his greatest accomplishment.

11. Soup Nazi

Yev Kassem aka Soup Nazi only featured on one episode of Seinfeld, for a mere six scenes, but he left one of TV’s most memorable characters ever in his wake. The Soup Nazi was a disciplined, eccentric, misunderstood man. He was capable of eviscerating a little man like George with a simple “Next!”; a crusader against public displays of affection and bad Al Pacino impersonations; and a soup artisan who could make Newman squeal “Jam-ba-la-ya!” and make Jerry choose bisque over women.

10. Uncle Leo

One of the most annoying and still one of the best recurring roles is of Uncle Leo. He is one of the show’s complicated characters, who like to praise his children and tug elbows. Uncle Leo is one of those characters you love to hate, Uncle Leo is shown to complain about not receiving phone calls from his nephew to annoyingly saying “hello” when he runs into jerry on the street. He will always be remembered for his iconic and funny role.

9. Jacopo “J.” Peterman

Jacopo is famous for his booming and boisterous voice which adds the unique adventurer element to the catalog of the show. Hanging out with Jacopo is thrilling as well as torture at the same time. He was primarily an Elaine centric figure, but the show did a great job making him involved with various other show members. He is easily one of the best Seinfeld characters.

8. Jackie Chiles

Jackie chills reflect the time of the era in which the show was made; he is a clear cut parody of the attorney Johnnie Cochran. His humor is still relatable as it was in 1990. His craft is a killer, and he has proved it every time he appears on the show.

7. David Puddy


David is the king of the significant others; throughout the show, we have seen the show’s characters being in a romantic relationship with every possible weirdo. David was introduced as a one-off character. He managed to grasp the audience’s attention and was repeatedly shown in the series’ iconic movements. He is such an enigmatic character that it is impossible not to fall in love with him.

6. Frank Costanza

Frank Costanza is a genius and is famous for his halting and awkward way of speaking. He is famous for heightening the scene’s energy and bringing out other characters’ energy in the show. His rage is also why the writers of the series could throw him in any situation. His relationship with Elaine is one of the most underrated things in the series and should be looked into carefully.

5. Newman

Like every story, where there is a hero, there will be a villain, and Newman is that. Newman is pure evil, but this didn’t stop the show from showing his hilarious narratives by pairing him with the Kramer. He and Karmer made the most epic scenes of the show, also known as the risk game. Newman resembles the Shakespearean level villain and made the best stuff ever shown in sitcoms.

4. Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry is the perfect anchor who has grounded the stories as well as the reality. He is the self-proclaimed, “Even Steven.” Jerry never cared about his friends or anything in life, but he was popular amongst fresh faces because of his dating habits. There are many great magnets in television history, and he may not be the best character in the show, but his character does play an important role.

3. Cosmo Kramer

Kramer is the ultimate ‘Hipster-Doofus’. His mind is weird and he is shown to mooch of Jerry in an unprecedented and ridiculous manner. Kramer’s mind, which is inventive and off-beat, has led him into the most bizarre stories ever delivered in the show. His antics have made everyone believe how our bodies can be stretched and how our brain works.

2. Elaine Benes

One of the most put-together members of the show is Elaine Benes, is shown to have a decent level of intelligence and the ability to maintain a job. But if you take a closer look at her life, she has the same sense of sociopathic tendencies that her friends have. She is a contradictory human, who wants to settle down with someone but simultaneously becomes a self-destructive person in the relationship. Elaine’s performance is one amongst the most mist underrated character on the show.

1. George Costanza

George Costanza is one of the supremely unforgettable characters ever to grace the world of television. He is a walking and talking chaos as he would use lies and tricks that he has upon his sleeve so that he can get what he wants. But sadly, his fate made sure that he will never receive success or happiness for that part. But seeing him get out of every horrible situation that he has put himself into is hilarious.

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