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Suits Quiz: Can You Name These Supporting Characters?

Hello everyone! Today we are here with yet another absorbing and not to forget tough quiz on ‘Suits’. But in this quiz, you will not be tested on your knowledge about the main characters of the show, but equally important supporting characters. But before you eagerly jump to the Suits supporting characters quiz, let’s look at what makes ‘Suits’ such an amazing show.

While there are a lot of intriguing legal dramas on television, “Suits” is arguably the most well-known. And there are multiple reasons for that. The first and the most important is the characters of the show. No matter if it is the main, supporting or minor character, they have strong personalities. Above all, each character is written in such a way that they all show different shades of human strengths, weaknesses, vulnerability, and wickedness.

The casting of the show is the second factor contributing to its enormous popularity. The performers are outstanding. They all do a fantastic job at capturing their roles, and neither we nor any professional lawyers can tell if any of them are acting or are in fact practicing law.

The accurate depiction of the character outside of their line of work must be the third justification. Although the viewers are aware that “Suits” is focused on the lives of lawyers, the program does an excellent job of portraying the private lives of lawyers as well. ‘Suits’ does a fantastic job of accurately portraying relationships, whether they are romantic or platonic.

One of the most important things that cannot be overlooked is the amazing writing of the show. The kind of balance ‘Suits’ strikes with sassy and subtle is marvelous. The characters can only be magical if the story is good. And the most important reason behind the show’s success is its story. Last but definitely not least, the dialogue of the show makes it even more tempting to watch. Each character is sassy and badass. It is interesting how every character is different yet likable.

So there are a few things that make ‘Suits’ such a good show. Now it’s time for you to take up the Suits supporting characters quiz and let’s see how well you remember the show. And do let us know your scores in the comment section.

Can You Name These Suits Supporting Characters?

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