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The Good Place: The Hardest Chidi Anagonye Quiz

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new edition of the quiz on one of our favorite shows—The Good Place. Though in today’s post, we will specifically talk about one of the main characters of the show—Chidi Anagonye. But before talking about him starting the Chidi Anagonye quiz, let’s take a look at what makes ‘The Good Place’ such a unique, inspiring, and funny show. 

The first and the most important thing about ‘The Good Place’ is that it has a very unique concept, which lets it incorporate diverse characters and diverse philosophies. As the show showcases the afterlife of its characters, it simply stands out from the bunch of shows that revolve around friendship and love in metropolitan cities. But of course, the show does talk about friendship and love in the truest sense. The show revolves around six characters through which we experience the afterlife that exists mostly in our imagination. The show is philosophical but that does not mean that it is not funny. In fact, the show is full of clever humor and amazing comedy. 

No need to introduce one of the main characters of the show Chidi Anagonye, who plays the most philosophical character of the show (No offense to Michael). He is a highly educated man and it would not be wrong to say he is the wisest of all characters. But there are a lot of characteristics that make him such a noteworthy character. The first is his morality. Since Chidi is a learned man, he tries to always be a morally good person, which kind of becomes the reason for his death as well. And throughout the series he is seen facing a lot of dilemmas and his way of coping and solving them is also emphasized.

But even though Chidi is inherently philosophical as a character, the show is very light and does not get preachy. The credit also goes to the humor and comedy of the show. And to balance a character like Chidi, we have other characters who are not so philosophical. A second characteristic that is highlighted a lot in Chidi is his indecisiveness. It is only obvious that a character who wants to be morally correct is indecisive because more often than not the situations are not black or white.  

Last but not least, Chidi’s story with Elenor is one of the most epic stories of growing in love and it’s just pure relationship goals. Summing up the idea of the show, it teaches the value of effort and care in relationships and towards the people we love. All in all the show is a perfect blend of humor with an amazing plot and it is a show worth watching. The show is made by Mike Schur, who is popular for making shows like The Office, Brooklyn Nine-nine, etc.

And that was ‘The Good Places’ Chidi Anagonye. Now it is time to see how well you know the character. So do take up the hardest Chidi Anagonye quiz. Don’t forget to let us know your scores in the comment section below. 

The Hardest Chidi Anagonye Quiz

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