Friends Trivia: The Ultimate Chandler Bing Quiz

Welcome guys to another edition of the Friends trivia quiz. In this one, we will test your knowledge of fans’ favorite Chandler Bing. But before we begin the ultimate Chandler Bing quiz, let us look into some details.

Friends is one of the most popular television shows in history. From 1994 to 2004, America tuned into the hit sitcom to catch up on the lives of their favorite set of six friends – Monica, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Ross, and Phoebe. Friends is one of those shows that nearly everyone has watched at some point in their lives, but there are some true die-hard fans out there that can’t get enough of it – even years since the show has ended.

Chandler M Bing is one of the main six characters on the sitcom Friends. He was portrayed as the sarcastic one, usually offering a snarky remark or a joke to lighten the mood. Matthew Perry played the role of Chandler Bing and he was often thought of as a huge favorite on the show. People rooted for his character because of the incredible loyalty he had to his friends and the kind nature that really made him appealing to female viewers.

Chandler’s relentless use of sarcasm as a defense mechanism makes him perhaps the show’s most relatable character. Underneath his jokey exterior, he’s vulnerable and plagued with self-doubt in ways that feel totally true to life.

Chandler bing quiz

Throughout the series, Chandler’s character definitely opens up. It is mostly as a result of his relationship with Monica as she helped him to become a better person, but also showed him that he was already great, he just didn’t see it.

He’s also played host to many of Friends’ most hilarious, unforgettable, and simply iconic moments, from hysterical one-liners to incredible visual gags and everything else in-between. But across the show’s ten seasons and almost 250 episodes, how much do you still remember about Chandler Bing? Let us check out the ultimate Chandler bing quiz.

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  • He only hooked up with Monica once in London!

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  • He didnt stay in the box for 6 hours, he was supposed to but then Joey let him out to run after Kathy.


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