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Schitt’s Creek Trivia: The Ultimate Johnny Rose Quiz

Welcome Schittheads, to yet another trivia quiz on Schitt’s Creek. Today we are going to talk about the binding element of the Rose family—Johnny Rose. Schitt’s Creek has a lot of characters that are unique in their own way but Johnny Rose is one character who is unique yet he is the most normal of them all. So let’s take a look at what makes Johnny Rose the most amazing gentleman ever and then we will test your knowledge about him as well in the ultimate Johnny Rose quiz.

Johnny bought Schitt’s Creek as a joke for David is the most hilarious moment of the first episode. This incident may show how stupid this decision was or at least his children thought so! And in the first couple of episodes, we saw his frustration towards the town and his regret behind owing the town. But gradually we saw how Johnny became a very calm and composed man who tried to make the best he could out of this messy situation. Believing in your capabilities when you are facing the hardest time of your life is what Johnny’s character taught the audience all along.

Johnny’s character is also important because he always kept his family above everything and tried to protect them. Of course, sometimes he looked harsh from the surface, but he always gave his children and wife the best advice. Preparing David for the interview to talking about Alexis about her pregnancy, Johnny is the most amazing person any family can have. Unlike his wife Moira, he never gets hyper, but he studies the situation calmly and comes up with the perfect solution. Johnny’s this positive attitude towards life is what makes him a true gentleman.

Johnny is probably the only member of the Rose family who was ready to connect to the people of Schitt’s Creek. And the most important thing is that he respects every person he meets. The most precious and beautiful relationship Johnny made in Schitt’s Creek has to be Stevie, the owner of the Motel. Johnny not only helped her expand the business but became a sort of father figure to her.

He also helped Twyla, the waitress. He waited table to help her for a whole day. All these incidents show how caring and helping Johnny is. And not only Stevie and Twyla, but he also supports his daughter in her life choices. Though sometimes her narrations can leave him shockingly devastated! But remember how supportive was he when he found out that Alexis is pregnant, unlike David and Moira who were freaked out as hell.

Johnny is the most “normal guy” that most of the sitcoms fail to include. But as far as Schitts Creek is concerned, Johnny’s character balanced the other weird characters such as his wife and son. So his character becomes a necessity for the show. But that’s it about Johnny, now scroll down and take up the ultimate Johnny Rose quiz, and do let us know your scores in the comment box below!

The Ultimate Johnny Rose Quiz

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