FRIENDS Quiz : Only True Fans Can Answer It

Welcome to this Friends quiz, here your love and knowledge about this favorite sitcom will be tested.

There are many tv fans out there, but a true fan of a show knows the details from watching the show repeatedly. Fans of ”Friends” have been glued to their couches with their eyes on their screens as they watch and rewatch their favorite series over and over.

We totally don’t blame them, the show is hilarious and still a classic even though it ended more than 15 years ago after airing for 10 years!

Can you believe how much time flies? It’s still hilarious to see Phoebe sing Smelly Cat and still brings a tear to our eye to see Rachel get off the plane.

Do you think you’re the biggest Friends fan of them all? Do you remember which Sprouse twin played the role of Ben or which famous man Phoebe believed to be her grandfather?

While those moments are iconic, there are some things from the series that only the most hardcore fans of Friends will remember. These little details in the plot take more than just a casual viewer to be able to remember.

This FRIENDS quiz is truly for the True Fans, so if you think you know your stuff, I dare you to get all the answers right. Only someone who listens, observes and pays attention to the characters of the show, can answer them all.

But, be warned, only the most seriously dedicated fans of Friends can get over 85% on this quiz. Do you know as much about the show as Ross knows about Dinosaurs? Lets find out.

Please share the quiz with your friends and see if they can beat you.


Here are some of the best edisodes of FRIENDS that you should rewatch

15. The One With Ross’s Wedding (Season 4, Episode 23+24)

Phoebe tries to help Rachel deal with her feelings for Ross as the rest of the gang head to London for Ross and Emily’s wedding, while someone else unexpectedly shows up to the wedding.

The wedding is off to a rocky start – both the flowers and the food aren’t turning out exactly as planned. But, when Ross and Emily discover that the church where they were supposed to get married has been prematurely demolished, Emily really freaks out. In an attempt to calm her down, Monica suggests to Emily that she and Ross postpone the wedding so that they can take their time and do things right.

When Emily confronts Ross with the idea, he loses it and gives her an ultimatum: now or never. Shocked that her fiance would even say such a thing, Emily walks out on Ross and calls the wedding off. Later, Ross rinds Emily perched upon the rubble of the church. He apologizes for his harsh words, and promises her that he’ll wait forever for her as long as they can be together. In the end, Ross and Emily decide to go through with the marriage at the church.

14. The One Where Ross Got High (Season 6, Episode 9)

Monica hosts Thanksgiving and Chandler uses the occasion to try and win her parents over. The episode involves a subplot where Rachel makes a trifle including a layer of beef.

Ross is forced to reveal the reason why Jack and Judy don’t like Chandler. Joey and Ross try to get out of Thanksgiving when they are invited to hang out with Janine and her dancer friends.

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  1. I think the how many babies were born on the show should be more specific stating that you mean babies of the main caracters.. because one other baby was born the day that carol gave birth to ben ( joey was with her) and when rachel gave birth 3 or 4 women (including janice) gave birth as well

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