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Seinfeld Trivia: The Ultimate Season One Quiz

Welcome guys to another edition of Seinfeld quizzes. In this one, we will test your knowledge of season one of our beloved sitcom. But before we begin the Seinfeld season one quiz, let us look into some details of the show.

As a comedian rising in popularity in the late eighties, Jerry Seinfeld was presented with an opportunity to create a show with NBC. Seinfeld asked fellow comedian and friend Larry David to help create a premise for a sitcom. It won’t be wrong to say that they did a great job with it.

When the television series, Seinfeld, first aired in 1989, there weren’t many people that had confidence in how well it would do with audiences. It was unlike any other sitcom on television since there really wasn’t a storyline with the characters. But the show proved everyone wrong to become one of the best sitcoms ever.

Seinfeld is considered one of the best TV shows which showcases the neurotic adventures of stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his quirky group of three friends George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer, and Elaine Benes.

The show is based on the writer’s real-life experiences. It is mostly set in Jerry’s apartment building in Manhattan’s Upper West Side in New York City, which is visited by his friends and becomes the main focus of the show.

We hope your memory has been refreshed. Now down below is the Seinfeld season one quiz. Give it a go and let us know your score in the comments below. Good luck!

Seinfeld Season One Quiz

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