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The Hardest Joey Tribbiani Quiz Ever

How you doin? 

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is one of the most evergreen shows on television and of course, the most loved as well. No matter how old are you, you can relate to it. Almost all of us had a friend like one of the six characters. And today, I am going to talk about one such character whom we love for his innocence which sometimes looks like dumbness!! Yep, you guessed it right. I am talking about our very favorite Joey Tribbiani. So, get ready to show us how much you know him by playing the hardest ever Joey Tribbiani quiz.

As we all know, Joey is the most innocent of the six main characters on the show. Though sometimes he is even portrayed as dumb, that does not hinder our liking for him. So, what makes Joey a fan favorite? The answer is very simple. Joey does not run his life with a thousand rules. He just lives as he wants to. Does what like to do (no matter how terrible is he at doing that!!) This may sound weird but this is exactly what many people want to do but cannot. But Joey is very different. This difference is clearly shown on the show as well. Chandler takes up his job just because of the money, but Joey on the other hand has no worries.

It is not only the fun-loving nature of Joey that attracts us the most, it is also his innocence which consists of a great part of his personality. This innocence works in both negative as well as positive ways. How can we forget how he helped Monica and Chandler with the adoption agency? But we can’t ever forget how ridiculous he seems when he wears Ichiban lipstick.  

Last but not the least, Joey is carefree. He is always fooling around with different women. Though among all his friends he has the most terrible career, he is least bothered by it. Many of these things show his character in a bad light, but one most important thing is that he is always there for his friends. And not only for his friends but also for his family. We have seen on the show how he is always there for his sisters and his parents. Though calling him a family man would be inappropriate. But no doubt he is a good son and a loving brother.

Believe it or not, but all have met a character like Joey in our lives. And he will always remind us of them. Joey’s popularity also led to a spinoff show. Though the show did not become that popular but Joey remains one of the most popular characters of the television series. But now, enough talking. Take up the hardest ever Joey Tribbiani quiz and tell us how much are you familiar with Joey and his life. Do tell us your score in the comments.

The Hardest Joey Tribbiani Quiz

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One thought on “The Hardest Joey Tribbiani Quiz Ever

  • Tommy Truth

    This quiz has errors, and some pretty major ones. First off, Joeys student wasn’t named Nick, Nick the boxer was the characters name. Also, Joey wasn’t ordained as a minister twice, he performed two weddings, but was only ordained once. He even stated that he was still ordained from Monica’s wedding so he was able to do Phoebe’s.

    I can’t believe you get paid to do this, and the questions aren’t even all correct. This is an insult!


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