The Hardest Rosa Diaz Quiz

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A role well played by Stephanie Beatriz, Rosa Diaz is known to be ‘the tough guy’ and the ‘badass’ of the 99th precinct in Brooklyn 99. Rosa is portrayed as a very secretive, smart, and scary woman. It is difficult to read what’s going on in her mind, and she scares everyone easily. She loves the fact that no-one knows anything about her, and we are here to test you for the same.

Jake Peralta is Rosa’s ‘closest friend.’ Yet, he knows only three facts about her. One of those facts being that Rosa does not allow anyone to crash at her place. Rosa had a very tough past. Diaz got kicked out of her home as a teenager, and she was also kicked out of ballet school. This is what made her tough. Rosa learned to fix her problems and be on her own. Did you know that Rosa talks in her sleep?

Rosa’s family comes from Bensonhurst, and Rosa’s father is a teacher. This tough woman also has two sisters. Rosa has dark curly hair she wears a leather jacket with jeans, yeah badass. Diaz always has a very serious look on her face, which makes her fierce and scary. Remember when we got to know that Charles has a crush on Rosa? Hilarious. Another totally normal thing about Rosa? It is not even sure if her name is Rosa Diaz, as she assumes different identities for different people. Classic Rosa.

However, she is a very loyal person and the main character of the show. Rosa’s anger issues are what scare the squad the most. Remember when Amy went to visit Rosa at her home? She literally changed her address the next day. The woman owns a lot of weapons, and Rosa thinks that every woman should own an ax. Yeah, that’s cool cool cool cool cool. She not-so-surprisingly owns a lot of swords as well. Anyhow, we all know what a good person Rosa is. She always has everyone’s back, and she was there whenever someone was in need. She might be tough, but Rosa knew how to be a good friend. Well, in the end, that’s all that matters.

Rosa owns the U.S. Flag Bar, N.Y.P.D. Exceptional Merit and N.Y.P.D. Firearms Proficiency Bar. Moreover, she does yoga, and she can do a handstand as well. Rosa’s mail goes to the Post Office box in Queens, and she moved out of her apartment after destroying it because apparently she was done with it as soon as everyone stepped foot in it. Diaz loves director Nancy Meyers, and she wants to see Lorelai Gilmore happy. Rosa has at least five weird rituals that involve Jake, and she used to do gymnastics. The woman is a trained archer, and her favorite cop show is Serve and Protect. The reason why we told you all this? Well, no reason. We just love talking about Rosa.

We’ve talked enough. And yes, we have not given you any information to help you answer the questions we have for you. Are you a true Brooklyn 99 fan? Or should we say, are you a true Rosa Diaz fan? Because if you aren’t, boy, you are going to have a hard time getting the questions right. Rosa is secretive, and that’s exactly what we’re going to use to test your knowledge about her. If you think you know Rosa to the core, go ahead! Test yourself! Take our hardest Rosa Diaz quiz. We challenge you. So, are you ready for what’s going to happen next?

The Hardest Rosa Diaz Quiz

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