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Most Underrated Horror Movies – 10 Scary Movies

Movies and television Series are woven carefully to captivate the underlying interest of viewing and entertainment for viewers across the world. In this broad spectrum of an alternate reality is this concrete realm where viewers have adrenaline rush coupled with bated breath for conceptual ideas that lie beyond conventional wisdom. Where Supernatural elements rule the protagonists to essentially fulfill their purpose.

While these movies have successfully created fright among the audience through the ages of Cinema, there are few which exceeded in fulfilling the critical reception but missed to be remembered by its league. In this article, we will have a look at some of the best underrated horror movies ever.

Here is the list of ten most underrated horror movies.

10. Thirteen Ghosts [2001]

underrated horror movies

13 ghosts is a remake of the 1960’s film of the same title. The movie is directed by Steve Beck starring Tony Shalhoub, Embeth Davidtz, Matthew Lillard and Shannon Elizabeth. Just as the name suggests, the movie liberally revolves around multiple omniscient antagonists.

The Plot consists of a very rich collector whose demise stirs things around as his collections are unfortunately transferred to his family including his mansion with eye-catching glass designed panels. The elaborate modern settings instantly strike a chord among the viewers. However, the plot thickens once the poor man finds out the truth about his recently dead wife and its connection to the mansion.

The movie was particularly appreciated for its special effects and the subtle humor spread out throughout the movie. The detailing behind the ghosts’ looks strongly added essence to the rock-solid Plot with the assistance of the glasses element which helps the characters catch sight of the ghosts. Although the film was heavily criticized for its extreme portrayal of gruesome murders and nudity. The Production design particularly stood out from the other movies.

9. The Dead Room [2015]

]underrated horror movies

One of the most underrated horror movies, The dead room, is a New Zealand horror film directed by Jason Stutter originally inspired by a haunted farmhouse in Central Otago, New Zealand. The plot begins with an unanswered notion of a terrified family abandoning their house on account of supernatural encounters. The insurance company upon such circumstances appoints officers for the investigation of the same.

Three ghost hunters embark on their journey to accomplish the task of investigating the farmhouse on such allegation. Whether they accomplish their mission or maybe fall into the mayhem forms the rest of the chilling storyline. The movie is brilliantly paced with perfect cinematography aligning with the lighting and shadows portrayed.

The gradual rise in the tensed storyline is one of the biggest strengths of the movie with an enigmatic twist. Actors Jed Brophy, Jeffrey Thomas, and Laura Peterson shine in their roles as Ghosthunters. The movie won’t certainly make you jump off your couch but will surely make you wiggle your toes. This movie is overall promising and underrated.

8. The Amityville Horror [2005]

underrated horror movies

The Amityville Horror is a novel based adaptation directed by Andrew Douglas. It is the ninth film in the Amityville horror series. The film is cast with Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George. The storyline comprises of a family which moves into a beautiful Long island house with a dark history hidden within the walls.

Having been cursed with mass murder history, the family soon starts to experience the paranormal presence and demonic visions of the dead. The striking feature of the movie is the primary cause of the plot standing to be based on real-life incidents rather than fiction. The tumultuous stay at the home destroys the family’s presumption of a dream house ironically turning out to be the worst nightmare they never imagined.

The ambiance and mood set by the cinematography slick were appreciated. Particularly, the jumpscare presented through certain scenes including a dead spirit of the boy in the bathroom successfully impacted the audience.

7. The Uninvited [2009]

underrated horror movies

The Uninvited is an American horror film directed by Guard Brothers. Inspired from ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’ Korean film, it delivers a more westernized setting in North America. The Plot is unpredictable throughout with the series of surprise elements thrown at the viewers.

Browning’s acting was particularly appreciated. The Plot is paced at a remarkable pace with suspenseful and scary quotients at the right moments. Sleek Production with shoelace budget, this eerie movie displays dark drama, plot twists and creepy images.

The ominous atmosphere combined with Christopher Young’s soundtrack is electrifying throughout the runtime of the movie. This is one of the rare screenplays cleverly executed well for horror movie buff’s amusement. It is definitely among one of the most underrated horror movies.

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    Amityville and The Others?
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    And Amityville isn’t a horror movie. It’s just what happens when you get married.
    He stops being nice and your nagging sets off his temper.
    Deal with it

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