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New Girl Trivia: The Ultimate Supporting Characters Quiz

 Welcome back everyone to yet another exciting quiz on New Girl. But in today’s post, we are not going to talk about our new girl but the fantastic supporting characters that make the show equally awesome. And just like always we will treat you with a quiz on these supporting characters. But before we begin the New Girl supporting characters quiz, that let’s look at some of the most interesting supporting characters of New Girl.

Jess Day and her group of friends are television’s most interesting characters in any sitcom. But besides the main characters, the supporting characters equally contribute to any show’s success. The first supporting character we are going to talk about is Coach. He is fascinating to us, a perfect mixture of a mature mind with a childlike heart and his character perfectly balances the other male characters, which are either too uptight or childish. He might not have stayed too long in the show yet he is a very important part of the gang.

Robby is another supporting character in New Girl which is famous among fans a lot. He is introduced as his love interest of Cece but later turns out to be the perfect man for Jess. Though they break up and his character is cut off yet he still leaves a very good impression on the audience. Another memorable character of the show is Raegan Lucas. She is not only very attractive but equally hilarious. She doesn’t take nonsense from anybody and loves to live her life freely. 

New Girl Quiz

It won’t be fair to talk about the most interesting characters of New Girl and not mention Aly Nelson. Aly is by far the most adorable and kind-hearted person on the show. She is secure in herself and makes efforts to keep the people around her happy. And one of the most wholesome things on the show is her love story with our boy Winston. 

There are numerous other characters in the show that contribute to it a lot and make it hilarious and fun to watch. But these were some of the most important ones. Do let us know which is your favourite supporting character of the show in the comments. Now it’s time for you to take up the ultimate New Girl supporting characters quiz and do let us know your scores in the comments below!


The Ultimate New Girl Supporting Characters Quiz

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