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The Hardest Breaking Bad Quiz Ever

Welcome guys to another edition of our quizzes. In this one, we will test your knowledge of Breaking Bad, One of the most critically acclaimed TV shows of all time. But before we begin the hardest Breaking Bad quiz ever, let us look into the details of the show.

Breaking Bad is not just a show but also an emotion. Starring critically acclaimed actor Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, it’s that kind of a show that one never gets bored of watching even for the nth time.

The life of Walter H White, from an ordinary school teacher to the drug lord Heisenberg, Breaking Bad needs to be on your watchlist if you are yet to discover the land of crime, drugs, a dying professor and everything in between.

Breaking Bad steps away from most shows around this theme because of the lead character. The perspective you take watching the show gives the show a much more complex sense of morality than the traditional black and white, good versus bad. You actively want Walter White to succeed in his ventures, even though he is really the villain.

Whether you are a fan who has watched since the very beginning or someone who just recently picked up the show, we have compiled the hardest Breaking bad quiz for you. Take the quiz below and let us know your score in the comments. Good luck.

The Hardest Breaking Bad Quiz


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