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The Ultimate Jake and Amy Quiz

Today I will talk about the sweet and spicy couple who gave us the ultimate couple goals with their strong chemistry and love. Yes, I am talking about our very favorite detective couple Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago. Their story started with a fight and turned to friendship rather than love. And now they are the most loved couple of the T.V. series. So, today I am going to ask 25 questions related to this couple in this quiz, and let’s see how much you know them. But before that, let’s take a look at the development of their relationship and why we love their bond.

As we say, ‘opposites attract,’ and this is just the phrase that defines their relationship. At the start of the first season, they were very competitive and tried to win over each other. How can we forget the innumerable bets they have had just to prove each other wrong? This rivalry was short-lived. But what made their relationship strong was their respect for each other. They never crossed their limits. As a result, they became good friends at the end of season 2, and with season 3, they started dating.

One of the unique things that make Jake and Amy’s love story epic is its simplicity. The concept of two people turning from rival to friends to lovers is not new to any of us. We have seen that in a thousand romantic movies. But what made this bond look extremely beautiful and charming was the spectacular performances by the actors and their chemistry. They nailed their performances as the lead couple. This worked for them. And with season 5, we saw Jake and Amy get married, and wasn’t that the most awaited scenes of all.

Time and again, their love story tells us how unconventional love stories can also be very successful. Jake and Amy’s bond could be a great example of how causal relationships can turn out to life long bonds. It makes us believe in the unconventionality of love stories. The show’s writers did a great job by not overdramatizing their bond and keeping it simple and sweet. This clicked with the idea of love with the common people. And since then, we saw how their relationship developed over the years.

Jake and Amy’s slow and steady love life is also a very important reason why we love them so much. Be it balancing their profession and personal life or supporting each other; they are like us. And people love seeing something that is real and relatable. Their relationship doesn’t feel like an unattainable one. It feels real, and that is what makes the whole difference. So these were the little things that make this couple our favorite. But now, enough talking about them. Now, it is time for us to see how well you know about Jake and Amy’s relationship. So, jump down to the Jake and Amy quiz below and let me know how much you scored in the comment section. All the best!! 

The Ultimate Jake and Amy Quiz

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